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  Woman Turns Her Wedding Reception into Party for the Homeless 落跑新郎
by Brian Foden
An almost bride allowed the less fortunate to benefit from her own misfortune.


  What do you do if, after inviting 250 people to attend your wedding and paying tens of thousands of US dollars for the event, your fiancé dumps you less than two months before the big day? Of course, you would be shocked; the person who you thought loved you and you loved back doesn't want to marry you. In Dana Olsen's case, she decided to do a charitable act of kindness, which grabbed the headlines — she turned her wedding reception into a lavish party for 150 homeless women and their children in Seattle.
  Since her fiancé's cold feet arrived too late to get a refund, Olsen didn't want to waste the money and opportunity for a beautiful event to happen. Thus, she achieved her act of generosity by contacting Seattle's Mary's Place Shelter, a facility that provides a place to stay for homeless women and children. Buses were then organized to take these families to the one-night-only party, where they were able to enjoy a great catered dinner along with live entertainment from a band.
  On top of that, a hairdresser named Lauren Grinnell, a strong supporter of Mary's Place, arranged hairstylists and makeup artists to give people a free makeover. Furthermore, dresses, suits and jewelry were donated to the families to help make the night an even more special experience for those who have fallen on hard times. A couple said of Olsen, "It takes a big heart to give away to other people everything your heart was in." Perhaps not surprisingly, Olsen did not attend the party, although her mother did. Before the event, Olsen said, "I'm going to have a bad day. Other people might as well have a good night."

1. Why did Dana Olsen throw a party for homeless people?
(A) Her fiancé had second thoughts about marrying her.
(B) She was once a homeless person herself.
(C) Her mother suggested she do something charitable to ease her pain.
(D) A shelter for homeless people contacted her after hearing about her troubles.
2. According to the reading, what did Dana Olsen's actions do?
(A) Make her mother cry deeply.
(B) Force the wedding venue to give her a discount.
(C) Attract attention from the media.
(D) Encourage other people to do similar things.
3. What is Mary's Place?
(A) A wedding venue in Seattle.
(B) A business owned by Olsen's mother.
(C) Lauren Grinnell's hair salon.
(D) A place that provides housing for the homeless.
4. Which of the following did people attending Olsen's party NOT enjoy?
(A) A cash gift.
(B) A live band.
(C) Service from hair stylists.
(D) Clothing and jewelry.

  1. turn A into B  把 A 轉變成 B
    同: change A into B
    We turned the backyard into a tropical garden.
  2. benefit from...  從……得到好處
    All of the citizens will benefit from the new policy in the long run.
    *in the long run  從長遠來看;終究
  3. grab / make / hit the headlines  登上新聞
    headline n.(報紙等的)標題
    The medical breakthrough grabbed the headlines around the world.
  4. provide B for A  提供 B 給 A
    同: provide A with B
    The government promised to provide poorer families with better health care.
  5. fall on hard times  陷入困境
    Edward fell on hard times after the divorce left him penniless.
    *penniless a. 身無分文的
  6. have second thoughts  再三考慮;改變主意
    Carrie had second thoughts about marrying David.

Grammar Tips

What do you do if, after inviting 250 people to attend your wedding and paying tens of thousands of US dollars for the event...
attend 通常作及物動詞,表『參加;出席』或『唸(學校)』,而 "attend to..." 則表『照顧∕照料……』或『留意……』。
Sharon attended the seminar and gave a presentation on British Literature.
The nurse is busy attending to her patients.

  1. fortunate a. 幸運的
    反: unfortunate a. 不幸的;倒楣的
    I am fortunate enough to have so many good friends in my life.
    Joanne has devoted herself to helping the unfortunate all her life.
  2. shocked a. 感到震驚的
    Tom was shocked beyond description when his girlfriend told him she might be pregnant.
    *beyond description  無法形容
  3. kindness n. 好心,仁慈
    Jim takes advantage of Paul's kindness and constantly borrows money from him.
    *take advantage of...  利用……
  4. cold feet  膽怯;信心或勇氣的喪失
    衍: get cold feet  臨陣退縮;打退堂鼓
    Debbie planned to participate in the protest, but then she got cold feet.
  5. opportunity n. 機會
    同: chance n.
    Marvin embraces every opportunity he has to learn new skills.
  6. achieve vt. 達到;實現
    衍: achievement n. 成就
    If you work hard, you will eventually achieve your goals.
    Johnny felt a sense of achievement after finishing the assigned project.
  7. generosity n. 慷慨
    衍: generous a. 慷慨的,大方的
    On behalf of the entire student body, I'd like to thank you for your generosity.
    *on behalf of...  代表……
    Our foundation annually provides homeless shelters with generous donations.
    *donation n. 捐獻,捐贈
  8. contact vt. 與……接觸∕聯繫 & n. 聯絡;接觸
    Gina waited anxiously for her client to contact her with their decision on buying the goods.
    *anxiously adv. 焦急地,焦慮地
    It is thought that the disease is only spread through physical contact.
  9. organize vt. 籌劃,籌辦
    The professor put Tommy in charge of organizing the debate.
  10. arrange vt. & vi. 安排
    衍: rearrange vt. 重新安排
    Gary arranged for his wife to have a day at the spa on her birthday.
    The TV network rearranged its programming schedule in a bid to increase its ratings.
    *in a bid to V  為了……
  11. donate vt. 捐獻,捐贈
    Jack donated a lot of money in his father's name to charity.
    *in sb's name  以某人的名義
  12. surprisingly adv. 出乎意料地
    The patient surprisingly revived after being in a coma for two years.
    *revive vi. 甦醒;復原

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dump vt. 拋棄(指男、女朋友之間);扔掉
charitable a. 慈善的
reception n. 宴會,招待會
lavish a. 奢華的
refund n. 退款 & vt. 退還
facility n.(特定用途的)場所;設施
cater vt. & vi. 承辦宴席(本文為過去分詞作形容詞用)
hairdresser n. 髮型師
makeover n.(改頭換面的)裝扮,改造
ease vt. 舒緩
venue n. 活動舉辦的地點
discount n. 折扣,打折


  假如在妳邀請兩百五十位賓客參加妳的婚禮,且為這場活動支付數萬美元之後,妳的未婚夫卻在大喜之日前不到兩個月內將妳甩了,妳會怎麼做呢?想當然爾,妳會震驚不已;妳以為和妳彼此相愛的那個人結果不想將妳娶回家。在達娜‧歐爾森的情況中,她決定完成一項善舉 ── 她將她的婚宴變成一場為西雅圖一百五十位無家可歸的婦女與孩子們舉辦的奢華派對,這項善舉登上新聞。

1. 為什麼達娜‧歐爾森要為無家可歸的人辦一場派對?
(A) 她的未婚夫對娶她這件事改變主意。
(B) 她自己曾經是無家可歸的人。
(C) 她的母親建議她做點善事來減輕她的痛楚。
(D) 一個專門收留無家可歸者的收容所在聽說她的煩惱之後聯繫她。
題解:根據本文第一段,作者試問讀者假若妳的未婚夫在大喜之日前不到兩個月內將妳甩了,妳會怎麼做呢,得知達娜必定有此相同遭遇,故 (A) 項應為正選。
2. 根據本文,達娜‧歐爾森的行動導致什麼結果?
(A) 讓她的母親痛哭。
(B) 強迫婚禮場地為她打折。
(C) 吸引來自媒體的注意。
(D) 鼓勵其他人做相同的事情。
題解:根據本文第一段,她將她的婚宴變成一場為西雅圖一百五十位無家可歸的婦女與孩子們舉辦的奢華派對,這項善舉登上新聞,故 (C) 項應為正選。
3. 瑪莉之家是什麼?
(A) 西雅圖的婚禮場地。
(B) 歐爾森母親擁有的企業。
(C) 蘿倫‧吉奈爾的美髮沙龍。
(D) 為遊民提供住宿的地方。

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