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解析電子報3月號 - 國家地理探險家
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  National Geographic Explorer 國家地理探險家
by Ivy Liu
This award-winning series is back on a monthly basis to focus attention on the stories covered in the National Geographic.

  National Geographic Channel's (NGC) documentary series, National Geographic Explorer, or simply Explorer, was revived in 2015 after a five-year hiatus. However, prior to 2010, Explorer had run for more than 25 years, making it the National Geographic Society's longest-running show. The show has garnered hundreds of awards, including more than 60 Emmys. Throughout the course of its history, the series has never failed to captivate audiences with riveting stories. It has taken viewers to more than 120 countries to uncover mysteries of both ancient and modern worlds, and examine topics of nature, science, and culture.
  Starting in April 1985, Explorer ran every Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on cable television, airing five to 10 short films. During its time on television, the show had been part of four television networks before finally moving to NGC in 2004. Explorer has since returned as a monthly program that investigates the stories published in the National Geographic magazine.
  For instance, in the National Geographic's November 2015 issue, the topic of climate change, and how we should live with it, was explored. The hour-long Explorer episode featured science educator Bill Nye talking about climate change and its effects on the globe. This month's episode looks into the modern alliance between Kurdish fighters and American forces fighting against the Islamic State in the Middle East. The Arab Spring and subsequent upheavals in the region have disrupted the unspoken rules about which groups and governments to support or fight against. To understand these issues further, be sure to catch Explorer on NGC this month.

  1. revive vt.(戲劇等)重演;使復興
    衍: revival n. 再流行;復興
    The new trade laws revived the economy in that small country.
    There has been a revival of interest in impressionist paintings in recent years.
    *impressionist a. 印象派的
  2. run vi.(節目在電視上)播放;(故事在報紙或雜誌上)刊登
    (三態為:run, ran [ rAn ], run。)
    The TV series has been running for 10 seasons.
  3. garner vt. 獲得
    同: acquire vt.
    Our museum has garnered praise from critics around the world.
  4. course n. 過程
    衍: over the course of one's life  在某人的一生中
    Danny influenced many people's lives over the course of his life.
  5. captivate vt. 吸引,使著迷
    衍: be captivated by / with...  著迷於……
    = be fascinated by / with...
    The speaker captivated his audience with stories about his trip to Brazil.
    Steven was captivated by the beautiful girl's smile.
  6. investigate vt. 調查
    同: look into...
    The police investigated the case and found that the suspect was innocent.
    *suspect n. 嫌犯
  7. alliance n. 結盟
    衍: in alliance with...  和……結盟∕攜手合作
    Our corporation is working in alliance with a company in Japan.
  8. subsequent a. 隨後的,接著發生的
    衍: subsequent to...  在……之後(視作片語介詞,相當於 after)
    Willy won the first spelling bee, but he ended up losing in the subsequent one.
    *the spelling bee  拼字比賽
    I wonder what happened subsequent to the accident.
  9. disrupt vt. 干擾,擾亂;使中斷
    The meeting was disrupted by a group of protesters shouting through the windows.

  1. never fail to V  總是會……
    反: fail to V  未能……
    衍: rarely fail to V  幾乎總是會……
    Amy Tan's novels never fail to give insight into the lives of Chinese Americans in the US.
    *insight n. 洞悉,深刻的見解
    The police failed to catch the gang leader before he left the country.
    The polite boy rarely fails to say hello whenever he meets someone.
  2. live with...  與……共存;忍受……(不好的事物)
    The young man has lived with an incurable disease for more than half his life.
    Billy couldn't live with his roommate's bad habits, so he moved out last Saturday.
  3. look into...  調查……
    同: investigate vt.
    The FBI looked into the case after the police came up with no leads.
    FBI 在警方找不到任何證據之後,接手調查該案件。
    *lead n. 線索(可數,常用複數)

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hiatus n. 間斷;空隙
riveting a. 饒富興味的
Kurdish a. 庫爾德的 & n. 庫爾德人
upheaval n. 動亂;不安



   時隔五年,國家地理頻道(NGC)的紀錄片系列《國家地理探險家》(或簡稱《探險家》)於 2015 年再次回歸。然而,在 2010 年之前,《探險家》便已播出超過二十五年之久,使其成為國家地理學會最長壽的節目。該節目曾獲得數百座獎項,包括六十多座艾美獎。這個系列從過去到現在,總是能以饒富興味的故事擄獲觀眾的心。它帶領觀眾前往一百二十多個國家,揭開了古代及現代世界的謎團,並探討自然、科學與文化的主題。

  《探險家》自 1985 年四月開播,於每週日晚間五點至八點在有線電視播出,每次播放五至十部短片。在該節目於電視上播出的期間,它曾隸屬於四間電視臺,最後於 2004 年來到國家地理頻道旗下。《探險家》目前以每月一集的節目回歸,探索刊登於《國家地理雜誌》中的故事。

  舉例來說,該節目就探討了《國家地理雜誌》2015 年十一月號的氣候變遷主題,以及我們該如何與之共存。這集長達一小時的《探險家》節目以科學教育家比爾‧奈談論氣候變遷及它對地球有何影響為主題。本月節目深入探討庫爾德戰士與美軍為了對抗中東伊斯蘭國而成立的現代聯盟。阿拉伯之春及該區域隨之而來的動盪擾亂了該支持或對抗哪些組織及政府的潛規則。想要更進一步瞭解這些議題,記得收看本月的國家地理頻道《探險家》。

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