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  Highway Thru Hell IV 地獄公路即刻救援 4
by Ivy Liu
This team knows that closure is not an option for the Coquihalla Highway.


  In British Columbia, Canada, a portion of its Highway 5 called the Coquihalla Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in North America, with its fatal downward slopes and steep hills. It is also known as "the Coq," pronounced as "coke." It is a vital transport highway for semi-tractor trailers. Though the road is a breeze for most of the year, winter creates chaos for drivers. At least 400–500 accidents occur during that time. The highway also goes through the steep Cascade Mountains, which make for terrible road conditions in winter. The Coquihalla Summit, towering over the highway, is the site where blizzards can cause deadly avalanches. Thus, in the winter, rescue teams have to fight tooth and nail to keep this road running.
  While there are several towing service providers, they usually come and go. Jamie Davis and his towing company, Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue, however, have been responsible for the heavy recovery and rescue services along the Coq for the last 10 years. Since 2012, their dramatic efforts have been captured on the show Highway Thru Hell. A camera crew follows the hardworking men and women of the company who put their lives on the line to keep the Coq open. Tensions run high as the crew works around the clock to pull trucks from gullies, help people get out of tight spots, and use heavy rescue equipment to tow cars off the road in blinding snowstorms. Catch Highway Thru Hell IV on National Geographic Channel this month to keep up with Jamie Davis and his staff as they work tirelessly to stop traffic on the Coq from grinding to a halt in the winter months.

  1. closure n. 關閉
    The bad economy has led to a number of factory closures.
  2. portion n. 部份
  3. fatal a. 致命的
    同: deadly a.
    = lethal a.
    衍: be fatal to...  對……是致命的
    The fatal virus has been spreading around the globe.
    Eating chocolate can actually be fatal to dogs.
  4. downward a. 向下的 & adv. 向下地
    反: upward a. 向上的 & adv. 向上地
    Farmers are worried that the downward trend of vegetable prices will continue for a long time to come.
    With a weak economy, property prices are going downward again.
    Due to upward trends in inflation, property prices continue to rise.
    *inflation n. 通貨膨脹
  5. slope n. 斜坡;坡面
  6. steep a. 陡峭的
  7. breeze n. 簡單之事;微風
    Teaching is by no means a breeze.
    *by no means  絕不
  8. chaos n. 混亂
    衍: in chaos  在混亂中
    New York City was in chaos after the massive hurricane.
    *massive a. 大規模的;巨大的
    hurricane n. 颶風
  9. summit n. 峰頂;最高處
    衍: at the summit of...  在……的巔峰
    The young man climbed to the summit of the mountain in record time.
    Jimmy is now at the summit of his career.
  10. tower vi. 高聳;屹立
    The skyscraper towers into the sky.
  11. towing a. 拖吊的
    衍: tow vt. 拖,拉(尤指車子)
    The police towed my car away after I parked it where I shouldn't have.
  12. recovery n. 恢復,復原
    衍: make a full recovery  完全康復
    The patient is expected to make a full recovery in a week or so.
  13. dramatic a. 巨大的
    There has been a dramatic drop in the circulation of newspapers.
    *circulation n. 發行
  14. crew n. 全體工作人員(集合名詞)
    We have a crew of 24 on our plane.
    = We have 24 crew members on our plane.
  15. tension n.(局勢、狀況等的)緊張
    There was a lot of tension between the two countries after the terrorist attack.
  16. tirelessly adv. 不厭倦地
    衍: tireless a. 努力不懈的,孜孜不倦的
    The lighthouse keeper tirelessly shined his beacon out into the ocean.
    *beacon n. 信號明燈
    Ted was tireless in his attempts to expand his business.

  1. be known as...  被稱為……,以……身份聞名
    衍: be known for...  因某事聞名∕為人所知
    New York City is known as the Big Apple.
    The restaurant is known for its juicy steaks and delicious desserts.
  2. go through...  經過……;經歷……
    As the train went through the tunnel, I could barely see the words in my notebook.
    *tunnel n. 隧道
    David went through a lot of pain after his wife left him.
  3. fight tooth and nail  竭盡全力
    Nick's friends fought tooth and nail to help him finish the program.
  4. put one's life on the line  奉獻生命
  5. around the clock  日以繼夜,不分晝夜地
    Andy worked around the clock, trying to meet the deadline.
  6. keep up with...  緊跟……,跟上……
    同: keep abreast of...
    We'll have to expand our factory's production capacity to keep up with customer demand.
    *capacity n. 產量,生產力;容量
  7. grind to a halt  逐漸停擺,漸漸停頓下來
    grind vi. 研磨,磨碎(三態為:grind, ground, ground。)
    同: come to a halt
    Traffic ground to a halt on the highway after the accident.

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thru prep. 通過;穿過(through 的非正式寫法)
a semi-tractor trailer  半牽引拖車
blizzard n. 暴風雪
avalanche n. 雪崩
gully n. 溝渠
blinding a. 視線不清的


地獄公路即刻救援 4

  在加拿大英屬哥倫比亞,名為高貴哈拉(the Coquihalla Highway)的五號高速公路其中一段是北美最危險的公路之一,該段公路上有著致命的陡降坡與陡峭山坡。它亦被稱為 the Coq,發音如 coke 一字。對半牽引拖車而言,它是運輸的重要高速公路。雖然一年中大部份時間這段道路都很順暢,但冬天卻為駕駛人帶來災難。在這段期間至少有四百至五百起意外發生。該高速公路也經過陡峭的卡斯克德山脈(Cascade Mountains),這讓冬季的路況更加可怕。聳立在這段高速公路上方的高貴哈拉峰頂是暴風雪會引發致命雪崩之地。因此,搜救團隊在冬天必須竭盡全力來保持這條路暢通。

  雖然有許多提供拖吊服務的公司,但他們通常是來來去去。然而,傑米.戴衛斯和他的拖吊公司『傑米.戴衛斯的重型救援』卻已經在過去十年裡於 the Coq 這段公路擔負了繁重的恢復與救援服務。自 2012 年起,他們極大的努力過程已被收錄於《地獄公路即刻救援》這個節目中。一個攝影小組跟隨著該公司裡將生命奉獻於保持 the Coq 暢通而努力不懈的男男女女。當這些工作人員分秒必爭地要拉起在峽谷中的卡車、幫助困在山谷狹縫中的人脫困,並在視線不清的暴風雪中用沉甸甸的搜救器具將車子拖離道路時,壓力也隨之高漲。收看本月國家地理頻道的《地獄公路即刻救援 4》,在傑米.戴衛斯以及他的組員們在冬季月份裡防止 the Coq 上的交通停滯而不眠不休工作時,一起緊跟著他們吧。

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