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解析電子報4月號 - 無厘頭科學研究所 第二季
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  Science of Stupid 2 無厘頭科學研究所 第二季
by Ivy Liu
This show's motto is, "Learn the science behind the action and remain safe."

  The Internet has a cornucopia of videos of people hilariously performing stupid stunts and hurting themselves. These misguided people fail miserably in their adventurous endeavors in front of a camera, laying their humiliation bare for everyone to laugh at as the videos are uploaded to the web. Some may call laughing at people hurting themselves schadenfreude, or pleasure derived from someone's misfortune. While it may be impolite to laugh at others' mishaps, no one expected their failure to be so funny.
  The ensuing hilarity of each video clip, coupled with scientific analyses on what went wrong, is presented on National Geographic Channel's (NGC) Science of Stupid 2, hosted by Richard Hammond. Each episode contains 50 to 60 clips, ranging from daily activities and sports to stunts and adventures. As is expected, some amateurs who try to tackle scientific principles, like the laws of physics, end up failing terribly. Hammond gives scientific explanations as to what happened in each clip, accompanied with animated re-creations of the videos, to show what should have been done instead.
  In one episode, the feats of running on water and breathing fire are examined in depth. Both stunts have been around for millennia, but one is pure myth and the other is highly dangerous, even for professionals. For humans to run on water, they would have to run at a speed of 67 miles per hour, which is about three times faster than Usain Bolt, currently the world's fastest man. To breathe fire safely, a specific type of fuel and technique is a surefire way to not set you aflame. However, that doesn't stop people failing time and again. To find out more about this episode and bellow with laughter, check out Science of Stupid 2 this month on NGC.

  1. motto n. 座右銘;格言
    When we are frustrated with the failures in life, what we need is a motto to cheer us up.

  2. hilariously adv. 極好笑地
    衍: hilarious a. 好笑的,搞笑的
    The video of the politician being attacked hilariously by a bald eagle went viral on the Internet.
    Last night's variety show was hilarious because the host told a lot of funny personal stories.
    *a variety show  綜藝節目

  3. misguided a. 弄巧成拙的;錯誤的
    The expert criticized the government's economic policy as being misguided.

  4. endeavor n. & vi. 努力
    衍: make an endeavor to V  努力去從事……
    = endeavor to V
    = make an effort to V
    The manager made an endeavor to get to the bottom of their poor sales performance.
    The mayor endeavored to do away with all the red tape.
    *do away with...  除去……
    red tape  官僚作風,繁文縟節

  5. mishap n. 不幸事故;厄運
    Our journey ended without a mishap.

  6. amateur n. 生手;業餘愛好者;
    rookie n. 新手,菜鳥
    novice n. 初學者,新手
    (指對於工作、當前狀況、學科項目或活動的無經驗者,常與介詞 at 並用;亦等於 beginner)
    This music video looked terrible because it was shot by an amateur.
    Mary is a rookie in the office and often makes mistakes.
    I'm a complete novice at surfing because I've never surfed before.

  7. tackle vt. 處理,應付 & n. 釣具(fishing tackle)
    The government took a negative approach to tackle the problem of food safety.
    Fishing tackle is available for sale.

  8. in depth adv. 深入詳盡地
    衍: in-depth a. 詳盡的,徹底的(僅用於名詞前)
    The reporter covered the news in depth.
    The professor's essay was structurally sound but lacked an in-depth discussion of the topic in question.
    *sound a. 健全的

  9. surefire a. 一定能成功的,萬無一失的
    The security expert has come up with one surefire way to improve security and protect personal privacy.

  10. aflame adv. & a. 著火地(的);燃燒地(的)
    Somebody set the warehouse aflame, causing heavy losses.
    Five minutes later, the whole building was aflame.

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schadenfreude n. 幸災樂禍(源自德文)
ensuing a. 因而發生的;隨後的
hilarity n. 歡笑
millennia n. 一千年(複數)
衍: millennium n. 一千年(單數)
bellow vi. & vt. 咆嘯;大聲吼叫

  1. a cornucopia of...  大量……
    cornucopia n. 豐盛,大量
    Thanksgiving dinner in my house is always a veritable cornucopia of many different kinds of food and drinks.
    *veritable a. 名副其實的
  2. lay sth bare  使某事表露無遺(亦等於 lay bare sth)
    Every aspect of the celebrity's private life has been laid bare.
  3. derive from...  源自……
    同: stem from...
    衍: derive A from B  從 B 取得 A
    Many English words derive from Latin.
    I derive a lot of pleasure from reading adventure stories.
  4. be accompanied with...  附有∕伴隨著……
    accompany vt. 附有,配有;陪伴(及物動詞,其後無需搭配介詞)
    Signing up for the program today was accompanied with several benefits.
    Thunder accompanies lightning.
  5. time and again  屢次,經常
    同: time after time
    Dad tells me time and again that the best way to serve our country is to join the army.


無厘頭科學研究所 第二季

  這每一段因搞笑而產生的影片與問題所在的科學分析做結合,將在由理查‧哈蒙德所主持的國家地理頻道 (NGC)《無厘頭科學研究所 第二季》中播出。每一集包含了五十至六十部短片,從日常活動及運動到特技冒險都有。不出所料,一些想挑戰像是物理定律的科學原理的新手最後皆以慘敗告終。哈蒙德對於每支短片裡所發生的事件給予科學解釋,搭配動畫重製影片來解釋原本應該怎麼做。
  在某一集當中,節目深入探討在水上奔跑和噴火的壯舉。這兩項特技皆已存在近千年之久,不過其中一項純屬虛構,而另一項即使對專業人士來說危險性都是很高的。人類要能夠在水上奔跑,他們得以時速六十七英里奔馳,這相當於比目前世上跑最快的男子尤塞恩‧柏特將近快上了三倍。要安全的噴火,某種特定類型的燃油及手法是保證讓你免於著火的方法。然而,這並不能阻止人們屢次的失敗。欲了解更多有關本集的單元,還想要放聲大笑,請觀賞本月國家地理頻道《無厘頭科學研究所 第二季》。

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