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解析電子報11月號 - 為神廟著色
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  Color the Temple 為神廟著色
by Paul Hines
An Ancient Egyptian temple has seemingly been brought back to life.


  Around 2,000 years ago, Augustus of Rome founded the Roman Empire. The emperor's love of history and culture, along with his respect for philosophy and education, gave rise to what is called the Golden Age ─ a time when the quality of literature and architectural design reached perfection. During this time, the Emperor commissioned the building of hundreds of temples, including the Temple of Dendur.
  The Temple of Dendur was built on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. It measures 25 meters from front to rear, is eight meters tall, and is made of sandstone. It is decorated with the carved hieroglyphics that have become synonymous with Egyptian culture, and originally, these symbols were painted using bright colors. Unfortunately, the temple's location meant that it was flooded regularly. Consequently, the sandstone became weatherworn and the paint was all but completely washed away.
  In 1963, UNESCO relocated the temple to the United States. This saved the temple from being permanently submerged as a result of the building of the Aswan High Dam. Since 1978, the temple has been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (the Met).
  Thanks to research conducted by Egyptologists and modern projection-mapping technology, visitors to the Met can marvel at what the Temple of Dendur may have looked like in all its glory 2,000 or so years ago. The "Color the Temple" exhibit accurately projects vivid colors along with digital reenactments of Augustus performing ceremonies upon the beige sandstone and carvings. The astonishing effect seemingly brings both Augustus Caesar and one of his beloved temples back to life.
1. What is the Golden Age?
(A) An era when literature and architecture were perfected.
(B) A time when Augustus of Rome ruled.
(C) The moment when literature and art combined.
(D) The year the Temple of Dendur was built.
2. What is the main reason the Temple of Dendur was relocated?
(A) To try to save the last colors from being washed away.
(B) To protect it from regular earthquakes.
(C) To exhibit it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(D) To save it from being immersed in the water of a new reservoir.
3. What is implied about the temple's relocation?
(A) It was located somewhere in the USA prior to being exhibited at the Met.
(B) It was not necessary.
(C) Augustus Caesar would not have approved of the move.
(D) It caused the sandstone hieroglyphics to become weatherworn.
4. According to the article, what is NOT true about the "Color the Temple" exhibit?
(A) It uses modern projection-mapping technology.
(B) It uses a realistic copy of the Temple of Dendur as it looks today.
(C) It projects bright colors upon the temple's beige sandstone.
(D) It shows images of Augustus Caesar reenacting ceremonies.

  1. bring... back to life  使……重生∕復活
    Once someone has died, he or she cannot be brought back to life.
  2. give rise to...  導致……
    同: result in...
    = lead to...
    = bring about...
    Gary's speech gave rise to a lot of cheering from the audience.
  3. be decorated with...  用⋯⋯裝飾
    decorate vt. 裝飾,佈置
    Sally's room is decorated with a lot of beautiful paintings.
  4. wash away... / wash... away  將……沖刷掉
    The old woman washed away the dirt in front of her food stall.
    *stall n.(尤指戶外的)攤位
  5. marvel at...  對……感到驚奇
    The tourists marveled at the magnificent architecture of the old buildings in Rome.
    *magnificent a. 壯麗的;盛大的
  6. in all its glory  在全盛時期
  7. approve of...  贊成∕同意……
    approve vi. 贊同 & vt. 批准
    Juliet's parents didn't approve of her marriage to Romeo.

Grammar Tips
  1. Consequently, the sandstone became weatherworn and the paint was all but completely washed away.

    all but + Adj. / V  幾乎……;差點……
    同: almost + Adj. / V
    (all but 可視作副詞,等於 almost(幾乎),多用以修飾動詞或形容詞)
    My left arm is all but useless.
    Jill all but fainted when she heard the news that she had won the lottery.
    *faint vi. 昏倒

    all but + N  除了……之外其他都……
    同: all except + N
    (all but 之後亦可加名詞或代名詞,此時 all 等於 everyone 或 everything,而 but 則視作介詞,等於 except(除了……之外),之後的名詞或代名詞則作其受詞)
    All but Kathy attended the concert.

  1. empire n. 帝國
  2. literature n. 文學
  3. commission vt. 委託,委任
    The artist has been commissioned to paint a portrait of the mayor.
    *portrait n. 肖像,畫像
  4. rear n. 後部
    There are emergency exits at both the front and rear of the movie theater.
  5. synonymous a. 同義的
    衍: be synonymous with...  和……同義
    Wealth is not necessarily synonymous with happiness.
  6. symbol n. 象徵
    衍: be a symbol of...  象徵……
    The dragon is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture.
  7. flood vt. 淹沒,氾濫
    Many farms and rice fields were flooded on account of the typhoon.
    *on account of...  因為……
  8. consequently adv. 結果
    同: as a result
    We talked until the early hours of the morning, and consequently, I was late for class.
  9. relocate vt. 搬遷;重新安置
    Many of the survivors were relocated to temporary shelters after the disaster.
  10. permanently adv. 永久地
    反: temporarily adv. 暫時地
    The accident left the man's brain permanently damaged.
    The baseball game was stopped temporarily due to the rain.
  11. exhibit vt. 展出,展覽
    同: display vt.
    The gallery exhibited works from a world-renowned graffiti artist.
    *graffiti n.(牆上的)塗鴉
  12. accurately adv. 精確地,準確地
    同: with accuracy
    The report presented the facts accurately.
  13. project vt. 投射,投影
    This spotlight is used to project light onto the stage.
    *spotlight n. 聚光燈
  14. astonishing a. 驚人的
    We watched the astonishing fireworks from the roof of the building.
  15. beloved a. 心愛的,喜愛的
    Alex is very protective of his beloved car and never lets anyone else touch it.
  16. realistic a. 實際的;務實的
    Be realistic, Will! You can never become rich overnight.

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seemingly adv. 似乎
emperor n. 皇帝;帝王
衍: empress n. 皇后;女皇
architectural a. 建築的
bank n. 河岸
hieroglyphic n. 象形文字
weatherworn a. 受風雨侵蝕的
submerge vt. 淹沒
metropolitan a. 大都市的
Egyptologist n. 埃及學專家
projection-mapping  現代光雕投影技術
vivid a. 鮮豔的;逼真的
reenactment n. 重現
衍: reenact vt. 重現
beige a. 米白色的
perfect vt. 使完美,使完善
immerse vt. 使浸沒
reservoir n. 蓄水庫
move n. 舉動;政策,措施


  羅馬皇帝奧古斯都於大約兩千年前建立了羅馬帝國。這位皇帝對歷史與文化的愛好加上他對哲學與教育的崇敬造就了所謂的黃金時代 ── 這是一個文學與建築設計的品質皆臻於完美的時代。在這段期間,該皇帝委託建造了數百座神廟,包括丹鐸神廟。
  1963 年,聯合國教科文組織將該神廟遷至美國。這使得這座神廟免於因亞斯文水壩的建造而被永久淹沒。自 1978 年起,該神廟一直於紐約的大都會藝術博物館(the Met)中展出。

1. 何謂黃金時代?
(A) 文學與建築達到完美境界的時代。
(B) 羅馬皇帝奧古斯都統治時期。
(C) 文學與藝術結合的時代。
(D) 丹鐸神廟建造的年份。
題解:根據本文第一段,這位皇帝對歷史與文化的愛好加上他對哲學與教育的崇敬造就了所謂的黃金時代 ── 這是一個文學與建築設計的品質皆臻於完美的時代,故 (A) 項應為正選。

2. 丹鐸神廟重新搬遷的主因為何?
(A) 為了試圖讓殘存的色彩不被洗去。
(B) 為了保護它免受定期地震之苦。
(C) 為了在大都會藝術博物館展出這座神廟。
(D) 為了避免它淹沒於新建水壩的水中。
題解:根據本文第三段,1963 年,聯合國教科文組織將該神廟遷至美國。這使得這座神廟免於因亞斯文水壩的建造而被永久淹沒,故 (D) 項應為正選。

3. 本文對於這座神廟的重遷有何暗示?
(A) 它在於大都會藝術博物館中展出前先被遷到美國某地。
(B) 此舉是沒有必要的。
(C) 奧古斯都‧凱薩不會贊成此舉。
(D) 它導致砂岩象形文字受風雨侵蝕。
題解:根據本文第三段,1963 年,聯合國教科文組織將該神廟遷至美國。自 1978 年起,該神廟一直於紐約的大都會藝術博物館(the Met)中展出,可推論出該神廟在於大都會藝術博物館展出前,就先被遷至美國,故 (A) 項應為正選。

4. 根據本文,關於『為神廟著色』展覽何者錯誤?
(A) 它運用了現代光雕投影技術。
(B) 它使用了丹鐸神廟現今樣貌的真實複製版本。
(C) 它將明亮的顏色投影在該神廟米白色的砂岩上。
(D) 它展示了奧古斯都‧凱薩重現儀式的影像。
題解:根據本文最後一段,多虧了由埃及學專家所進行的研究以及現代光雕投影技術,前來參觀大都會藝術博物館的人會對於丹鐸神廟在全盛時期可能的樣貌感到驚艷無比。『為神廟著色』展覽精確地在米白色的砂岩與雕刻上投射出生動的色彩,以及奧古斯都進行儀式時的數位重現,僅 (B) 項未被提及,故為正選。

答案:1. A 2. D 3. A 4. B

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