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解析電子報6月號 - 穿著粉紅芭蕾舞裙的男人
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  This Tutu is Too Much!  穿著粉紅芭蕾舞裙的男人
by Bruce E. Bagnell
Love has no bounds――not even a man dressed in a tutu.
愛沒有界限 ―― 就連一位穿著芭雷舞裙的男子都不受限。


  In Walt Disney's classic full-length cartoon movie Fantasia (1940), one of many unforgettable scenes is a herd of female hippos wearing only tutus dancing gracefully to a ballet. One might be forgiven for thinking of Bob Carey in his equally unforgettable photos. Carey is a heavy, muscular, and hairy man. He looks as though he is a wrestler. So when he dons a tutu, you just have to wonder.
  Cross-dressing is not his purpose. Instead, he hatched the idea of wearing a tutu—and nothing else—in order to make his wife, Linda, laugh. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and the treatments for any cancer are no fun at all. On top of that is the worry of having a disease that often ends in early death. To help alleviate her physical and emotional pain, Bob chose something so unusual that anyone would laugh seeing his photos. In this, he was highly successful.
  Linda took Bob's pictures with her to her treatments to share with others. They roared. Bob soon traveled around the world accompanied by his trademark pink tutu—the billowing skirt worn by ballerinas—for his photo shoots. After all, he is a professional photographer and knows something about taking successful pictures. Bob can be seen in his trademark outfit in places like Times Square, the Grand Canyon, department stores, subway stations, and beaches.
  The Careys started their non-profit the Carey Foundation to help patients with breast cancer. Check it out and maybe buy a pink tutu from their foundation. They say, "Laughter is the best medicine," and one look at Bob's photographs will make you laugh and feel better right away.

1. What is the main purpose of this article?
(A) To ask for funds for the Carey Foundation.
(B) To tell the story of the love of a man for his wife.
(C) To inform the public of the dangers of breast cancer.
(D) To encourage men to take up ballet.
2. Why was the movie Fantasia chosen to introduce this article?
(A) To point out the fact that hippos can also get breast cancer.
(B) To explain why Bob Carey chose a tutu to make others laugh.
(C) To make a comparison between comical ballerina hippos and Bob Carey.
(D) To explain how the Disney movie Fantasia became a classic.
3. According to the article, why was Bob Carey successful?
(A) He became a famous photographer after he wore a tutu.
(B) He made enough money by taking pictures to start a foundation.
(C) He helped make the movie Fantasia a classic movie.
(D) He helped others laugh when they needed it most.
4. Which of the following statements about the Carey Foundation is true?
(A) It was founded in the same year as Fantasia was made.
(B) It makes enough money for Bob Carey to travel around the world.
(C) It gives support to sufferers of breast cancer.
(D) It sells medicine that helps to cure breast cancer.

  1. in order to V  為了要……
    Remember to exercise on a regular basis in order to keep in shape.
  2. check... out / check out...
    Let's check out the new shopping mall tonight.
  3. inform sb of sth  通知∕告知某人某事
    inform vt. 通知,告知
    I will inform you of any further developments as soon as possible.
  4. take up...  開始從事……(某項活動);承擔……
    Have you ever thought about taking up acting for a living?
    Marcus took up organizing the entertainment for the event.
  5. point out...  指出……
    The new manager pointed out that our efficiency could be improved.


In Walt Disney's classic full-length cartoon movie Fantasia (1940), one of many unforgettable scenes is a herd of female hippos wearing only tutus dancing gracefully to a ballet.
dance to...  隨著……起舞(舞曲∕音樂)
衍: dance to the beat  隨著節奏起舞
dance with sb  跟某人跳舞
What kind of music do you like to dance to?
Some people just can't dance to the beat.
I would like to dance with that pretty girl.

  1. bound n. 界限;邊界 & a. 注定的
    衍: be bound to V  注定∕一定會……
    Whenever Jolin Tsai holds a concert, it's bound to be a sellout.
  2. unforgettable a. 難忘的
    同: memorable a.
    Harry had an unforgettable experience when he visited the museum.
  3. gracefully adv. 優雅地
    The ice skater glided gracefully on the ice before jumping in the air.
    *glide vi. 滑行,滑動
  4. equally adv. 相同地,同樣地
    衍: equal a. 相等的;能勝任的
    Discipline and obedience are equally important in the military.
    *discipline n. 紀律
    I firmly believe that all people are born equal.
  5. diagnose vt. 診斷
    衍: be diagnosed with...  被診斷出患有……
    Kathy was diagnosed with an infectious disease and had to be quarantined.
    *quarantine vt. 隔離
  6. treatment n. 治療;療法
    In most cases, patients make a full recovery after this kind of treatment.
  7. alleviate vt. 減輕,緩和
    Doctors suggest that ginger helps alleviate nausea.
    *nausea n. 噁心
  8. physical a. 身體上的,生理的
    衍: physically adv. 生理上地;身體上地
    Being healthy not only includes physical fitness but also mental health.
    Morphine may alleviate your pain, but it is physically addictive.
    *morphine n. 嗎啡
  9. emotional a. 情緒上的
    衍: emotionally adv. 情緒上地;情緒化地
    Alice depends on her friends and family for emotional support.
    Mary has been feeling emotionally drained from the stress in her life.
  10. accompany vt. 陪伴,陪同
    衍: be accompanied by...  在……的陪伴下
    The billionaire is always accompanied by his bodyguards in public.
  11. trademark n. 標記;商標
  12. foundation n. 基金會;基礎
    衍: lay the foundation for...  奠定……的基礎
    Our foundation annually provides homeless shelters with generous donations.
    A good system helps lay a solid foundation for the company.
  13. comparison n. 比較
    衍: beyond comparison  無法匹敵
    compare vt. 比較;比喻
    compare to...  比得上……(常用於否定句中)
    Albert Einstein's achievements in science are beyond comparison.
    Chatting with someone online doesn't really compare to talking to someone face to face.

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tutu n. 芭蕾舞裙
scene n.(電影)場景
herd n. 畜群;一群
hippo n. 河馬(是 hippopotamus 的縮寫)
muscular a. 肌肉發達的;健壯的
wrestler n. 摔角手
don vt. 穿著;披上
cross-dress vi. 穿異性服裝
hatch vt. 策劃;孵化
roar vi. 狂笑;大吼
billowing a. 鼓起的
ballerina n. 女芭蕾舞者
non-profit a. 非營利的
comical a. 滑稽的,詼諧的



愛沒有界限 ―― 就連一位穿著芭雷舞裙的男子都不受限。

  在華特‧迪士尼於 1940 年發行的全長卡通電影《幻想曲》當中,許多令人難忘的場景其中一幕是一群身上只穿著芭蕾舞裙的雌性河馬優雅地跳著芭蕾。假如你想起鮑伯‧凱瑞在他同樣令人難忘相片中的身影,那是情有可原的。凱瑞是一位魁梧壯碩且體毛茂盛的男子。他看來彷彿是一位摔角選手。因此當他穿上芭蕾舞裙時,你一定相當納悶。
  他的目的可不是男扮女裝。相反地,他籌劃全身只穿芭蕾舞裙不穿別的這一點子,為的是博取他的妻子琳達一笑。她在 2003 年被診斷出罹患乳癌,而任何癌症的治療都不是鬧著玩的。此外還令人擔心的是,她是罹患一種往往會導致患者早逝的疾病。為了幫助減輕她的身體與情緒上的痛楚,鮑伯選擇做一件非比尋常的事情,任何人看到他的照片都會開懷大笑。他在這一方面非常成功。

1. 本文的主旨為何?
(A) 為凱瑞基金會募款。
(B) 敘述一個故事,關於一名男子對他妻子的愛。
(C) 告知大眾乳癌的危險。
(D) 鼓勵男性們開始學芭蕾舞。
題解:全文皆在描述一位男子為了愛妻而從事芭蕾舞裙攝影計劃的故事,故 (B) 項應為正選。

2. 為什麼《幻想曲》這一部電影被選來作為本文的開頭?
(A) 指出河馬也可能得到乳癌的這一事實。
(B) 解釋為什麼鮑伯‧凱瑞選擇芭蕾舞裙來逗他人發笑。
(C) 將滑稽的河馬芭蕾舞者與鮑伯‧凱瑞做比較。
(D) 解釋迪士尼電影《幻想曲》如何成為經典。
題解:根據本文第一段,在電影《幻想曲》當中,許多令人難忘的場景其中一幕是一群身上只穿著芭蕾舞裙的雌性河馬優雅地跳著芭蕾,而那使人想起鮑伯‧凱瑞在他相片中的身影,故 (C) 項應為正選。

3. 根據本文,為什麼鮑伯‧凱瑞如此成功?
(A) 他在穿著芭蕾舞裙之後成為一位知名的攝影師。
(B) 他透過拍照賺取足夠的金錢來創辦基金會。
(C) 他幫助使《幻想曲》這一電影成為經典作品。
(D) 他幫助其他人在他們最需要的時候展開笑顏。
題解:根據本文第二段,鮑伯選擇做一件非比尋常的事情,任何人看到他的照片都會開懷大笑。他在這一方面非常成功,故 (D) 項應為正選。

4. 下列哪一項關於凱瑞基金會的敘述是正確的?
(A) 它在《幻想曲》製作的同一年創立。
(B) 它讓鮑伯‧凱瑞賺進足夠的錢以環遊世界。
(C) 它支持乳癌患者。
(D) 它販售有助於治療乳癌的藥物。
題解:根據本文第四段,凱瑞夫婦創辦了他們的非營利組織凱瑞基金會來幫助罹患乳癌的病人,故 (C) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. C

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