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  For the Love of Hair  一束頭髮 一抹微笑
by Marcus Maurice
Locks of Love helps children with long-term medical conditions get wigs.

  For many people, cutting off their hair after spending years growing it is a tough decision. This is because they have been used to having their long hair and it has become part of their personalities. Now there is a way to cut off those locks and give them away for a good cause. Locks of Love is an organization dedicated to helping children who have long-term medical hair loss. They receive the hair and then make wigs out of it and donate it to children who are in need of it. Most of these children suffer from alopecia areata, which causes the hair follicles to shut down. Not only do they lose the hair on their heads, but they also lose their eyebrows, eyelashes, and all body hair.
  Locks of Love has its heart in the right place because while most wigs are made for adults, they are dedicated to making wigs that fit children's heads. Over the past few years, though, Locks of Love has come under fire because they threw out hair that was donated by people. On Locks of Love's website, the guidelines for donating hair are clear so people cannot donate bleached, moldy, or wet hair. Gray hair is allowed, but usually it is sold and the money goes towards making the wigs. In other words, some donors get a drastic haircut and then their hair gets tossed away or sold most of the time. So if you are contemplating giving away your locks for Locks of Love, make sure you check out the website first to know exactly what can be done to have the most impact.

1. According to the article, why is cutting off one's hair a tough decision?
(A) It is always hard to find the proper stylist.
(B) Hair is a big part of people's personalities.
(C) It is always messy in a barber shop.
(D) It takes a long time to grow really beautiful hair.
2. What is Locks of Love?
(A) A wig-making business that only sells to those who have alopecia.
(B) A new hair salon that gives discount haircuts if you donate hair.
(C) An organization that will help sick children get wigs.
(D) An association that donates money to the poor.
3. Why has Locks of Love been under fire recently?
(A) The company has been ripping people off.
(B) They have opened some offices in war zones.
(C) The CEO of Locks of Love stole a lot of donations.
(D) Some of the donated hair had been thrown away.
4. Why does some hair get thrown away?
(A) It is not dried.
(B) It is black.
(C) It is gray.
(D) It is too long.

  1. cut off...  切除……;切斷(水、電、電話等)
  2. for a good cause  為了做善事
    cause n. 目標,原則
    The auction is, in fact, for a good cause.
  3. be dedicated to N/V-ing  致力∕獻身於……
    同: be devoted to N/V-ing
    dedicated a. 專注的;獻身的
    Sam has been dedicated to the field of education for 20 years.
  4. shut down...  關閉……
    We shut down another factory due to the low demand for our products.
  5. have one's heart in the right place  心懷善意;心地好
    Sandy has her heart in the right place and will help anyone in trouble.
  6. come under fire  遭到譴責
    The government has come under fire because of its economic policy.
  7. (money) go toward(s) N/V-ing  (錢)被用來從事……
    This month, all the money from the auction will go towards helping the poor.
  8. rip + 人 + off / rip off + 人  敲某人竹槓
    I have a feeling that I'm being ripped off.


Not only do they lose the hair on their heads, but they also lose their eyebrows, eyelashes, and all body hair.
"not only / merely... but (also)..." 為對等連接詞片語,可連接對等的單字、片語或子句;若連接對等的主要子句且 not only 置於句首時,由於 not only 視為否定副詞,故 not only 後的第一個主要子句要倒裝。but also 僅為連接詞,故其後的第二個主要子句不須倒裝,但 also 一定要省略,或移至句中。亦可將 also 省略後在句尾處加 as well。
Bill is not only clever but also considerate.
= Not only is Bill clever, but he is (also) considerate.
= Not only is Bill clever, but he is considerate as well.

  1. lock n.(頭髮的)一束,一綹;鎖 & vt. 鎖好
    Ken kept a lock of his late wife's hair as a memento.
    *memento n.(提醒某人的)紀念物
    When leaving the house, you must lock the door.
  2. wig n.(整頂的)假髮
    衍: toupee n.(遮蓋頭禿部份的)假髮
    bald a. 禿頭的
    The leading actress wore a blond wig over her naturally brown hair for the role.
    Ben is considering getting a perm to cover the bald spot on the top of his head.
    *perm n. 燙髮 & vt. 燙(頭髮)
  3. tough a. 艱困的,棘手的
    同: difficult a.
    Compared to last month's test, this one wasn't too tough.
  4. donate vt. 捐獻(金錢、物資等);捐贈(器官、血液等)
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith donated one million US dollars to a local charity.
    People lined up to donate blood, which would be sent to soldiers overseas.
  5. guideline n. 準則;行動綱領(常用複數)
    I think we'll need a new set of guidelines for the staff members to improve their work efficiency.
  6. drastic a. 劇烈的;激烈的
    衍: take drastic measures / action  採取激烈手段∕行動
    The union threatened to take drastic action if its demands were not met.
  7. toss vt. 扔,擲,拋 & vi. 輾轉反側
    同: throw vt.
    衍: toss and turn  輾轉反側
    The paperboy tossed a newspaper into the yard of each house on his route.
    Matt tossed and turned for hours, worrying about the next day's interview.
  8. contemplate vt. 仔細考慮
    同: consider vt.
    = ponder vt. & vi.
    衍: contemplate N/V-ing  考慮……
    ponder over sth  思索∕仔細考慮某事
    Jennifer contemplated dyeing her hair black.
    Denny pondered over the possibility of starting his own business.
  9. a barber shop  理髮店

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alopecia areata  圓禿症(俗稱鬼剃頭)
alopecia n. 禿頭症
areata n. 斑禿
follicle n. 毛囊
bleach vt. 漂白 & n. 漂白劑
moldy a. 發霉的
gray a. 灰白(色)的(英語中的『白髮』多以 gray hair 來表示,而非 white hair)


一束頭髮 一抹微笑




1. 根據本文,為什麼剪掉頭髮是一項艱難的決定?
(A) 要找到合適的髮型師並非總是容易。
(B) 頭髮是代表人們個性的一大重要部份。
(C) 理髮店裡總是凌亂不堪。
(D) 要長出真正漂亮的頭髮需要很長的時間。
題解:根據本文第一段,對許多人而言,把他們留了多年的頭髮剪掉是一項艱難的決定。這是因為他們已經習慣了自己的長髮,而這些頭髮也成為自己個性的一部份,故 (B) 項應為正選。
2. 一綹關愛是什麼?
(A) 一間僅會販售假髮給患有圓禿症患者的假髮製造公司。
(B) 一間若捐贈頭髮即可享有剪髮折扣的新開張美髮沙龍。
(C) 一個能夠幫助病童獲得假髮的組織。
(D) 一個捐款給貧窮人的協會。
題解:根據本文第一段,『一綹關愛』是一個組織,該組織致力於幫助因長期藥物治療而掉髮的小朋友。他們收到這些捐贈的頭髮,然後製成假髮,並把它捐給需要的小朋友,故 (C) 項應為正選。
3. 為什麼一綹關愛最近一直飽受抨擊?
(A) 該公司向來都在敲人竹槓。
(B) 他們已在戰區開設一些辦事處。
(C) 一綹關愛的執行長盜走了許多捐款。
(D) 某些捐贈出來的頭髮過去曾被扔掉。
題解:根據本文第二段,一綹關愛在過去幾年來卻也飽受抨擊,因為他們曾把大眾所捐贈的頭髮給扔掉,故 (D) 項應為正選。
4. 為什麼某些頭髮會被丟棄?
(A) 頭髮是濕的。
(B) 頭髮是黑色的。
(C) 頭髮是白色的。
(D) 頭髮過長。
題解:根據本文第二段,在一綹關愛的網站上,捐贈頭髮的原則相當清楚,所以大眾不能夠捐贈經過漂白、發霉或潮濕的頭髮。白髮可被接受,不過通常會被賣掉,而售得的錢會用來製作假髮,故 (A) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. A

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