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解析電子報9月號 - 挑戰 YouTube 真相
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  Man v. Viral  挑戰 YouTube 真相
by Ivy Liu
NGC's Tim Shaw is at it again with his pal Buddy Munro in a new show that tackles the craziest stunts on the web.

  Daredevil stunts push the limits of human ability. For instance, world-renowned daredevil Felix Baumgartner ascended to a height of 39 kilometers and skydived from the edge of space in October 2012, reaching 1,357.6 kilometers per hour. These death-defying acts are extremely difficult to perform, because there are always risks involved and they require a set of specialized skills. The Internet holds a wealth of viral stunt videos, which often boggle our minds. We may wonder if any of them are ever real, and sometimes they are not.
  Technology has advanced incredibly, and with enough cleverness in this day and age, some people can easily pass off a fake stunt video as something real. Then again, others around the world will try to figure out how certain stunts could work and safely recreate them. National Geographic Channel (NGC) has found such people. NGC commissioned hosts Tim Shaw and Buddy Munro to possibly reconstruct these dangerous feats in a new series called Man v. Viral. It will follow them from water skiing behind a cargo ship to playing tennis on the wing of a flying airplane.
  In one episode, Tim and Buddy meet with the Angel Skier, a Norwegian who was famous for skiing down an escalator of the London Underground in 2007. It is not just any old escalator. It is one of the longest escalators in Europe, located at Angel Tube Station. Buddy is skeptical and believes that the stunt is fake. To see whether Buddy actually skis 200 feet down the escalator or not, be sure to catch the episode this month on NGC.

  1. tackle vt. 著手對付∕處理
    The high-flyers tend to tackle their problems by getting their friends to help them.
  2. ascend vi. 登高,上升
    Taipei 101's high-speed elevators ascend at a speed of 1,010 meters per minute.
    臺北 101 大樓的高速電梯以每分鐘一千零一十公尺的速度上升。
  3. edge n. 邊緣
    衍: on the edge of...  在……的邊緣
    The Greek government is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
    *teeter vi. 搖擺
  4. perform vt. 執行;履行
    衍: perform a mission  執行某任務
    Mr. Smith met his future wife when he was performing a mission.
  5. specialized a. 專業的,專門的
    The army provides specialized skills training for soldiers who want to advance their army careers.
  6. viral a.(網路用語)爆紅的;病毒的
    衍: go viral  在網路上迅速流傳
    A North Texas dad and his daughter's rendition of the Disney song Let It Go has gone viral.
    *rendition n. 演唱,表演
  7. incredibly adv. 難以置信地;極為
    Doraemon is an incredibly popular Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio.
    哆啦 A 夢是一部由藤子‧F‧不二雄所創作的極受歡迎日本漫畫系列。
  8. cleverness n. 聰明
  9. commission vt. 委託
    Karl Lagerfeld has been commissioned to design two suites for the famed Hotel de Crillon.
  10. reconstruct vt. 重建
    Sherlock Holmes is good at reconstructing crime scenes.
  11. cargo n. 貨物(集合名詞,不可數)
    衍: a cargo ship / flight  貨船∕貨機
  12. escalator n. 電動手扶梯
    衍: elevator n. 電梯;升降機
    = lift n.(英式)
  13. underground n. 地鐵(英國)
    同: tube n.(英式)
    = subway n.(美式)
    Dollis Hill Underground Station is in Zone 3 in London, and around there is a peaceful place to live.
  14. skeptical a. 懷疑的
    衍: be skeptical about / of...  對……表示質疑
    Economists are highly skeptical about the government's economic reforms.

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pal n. 夥伴,哥兒們(口語)
stunt n. 特技;危險、引人側目的花招
衍: a stunt man / woman  男∕女特技替身演員
daredevil n. 喜歡冒險的人,大膽的人
skydive vi. 高空跳傘
death-defying a. 挑戰死亡的
feat n. 壯舉,功績
Norwegian n. 挪威人

  1. be at it  出新招;從事你不認同的事
  2. push the limit(s)  突破極限
    Jolin Tsai is always pushing the limits when it comes to stage performance.
  3. a wealth of...  大量的∕許多的(有用或有利的東西)
    The writer likes to travel because he believes it can provide him with a wealth of sources for his writing.
  4. boggle one's mind  使某人不敢相信
    Nobita's perfect score on the test boggled my mind because he hadn't studied at all.
  5. pass off...  用……蒙混過去
    Adaline passed off a fake ID to a police officer to hide her real age.
  6. figure out...  想清楚……,弄明白……


挑戰 YouTube 真相
  驚險的特技表演將人類的能力推至極限。舉例來說,世界知名的冒險王菲利克斯.保加拿於 2012 年十月登上三十九公里的高度,並從太空邊緣進行高空跳傘,時速達到一千三百五十七點六公里。這些向死亡挑戰的行動極難表現,因為總是會有風險牽涉其中,且這些行動需要一套專業的技巧。網路上有多不勝數的瘋傳特技影片,這些影片通常都令我們感到困惑。我們也許會納悶,這些影片中是否有任何一部是真實的,但有時候它們都不是真的。
  科技的發展令人難以置信,在這個時代有些人只要有足夠的聰明就能毫不費勁地拿假的特技影片來魚目混珠。然後世界各地的其他人士再次想要瞭解某些特技如何可行並安全地將之重現。國家地理頻道已經找到了這樣的人。國家地理頻道委託主持人提姆‧蕭與巴弟‧芒羅在名為《挑戰 YouTube 真相》的一項新系列節目中儘可能將這些危險的壯舉再次重建。該節目將跟隨著他們一路從在一艘貨船後面滑水到於飛行中的飛機機翼上打網球。
  在某一集當中,提姆和巴弟與天使滑梯王(編按:此為頭銜。)碰面,他是一位於 2007 年以滑下倫敦地鐵電扶梯而聞名的挪威人。這座電扶梯並非只是隨便一座老舊的電扶梯。它是歐洲最長的電扶梯之一,位於天使地鐵站。巴弟對此心存懷疑並認為這項特技是假的。要知道巴弟是否真的從兩百英尺(編按:約六十點九六公尺。)長的電扶梯滑下來,請務必收看本月國家地理頻道的這集節目。

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