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解析電子報8月號 - 再見了,夥伴!
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  A Fitting Parting  再見了,夥伴!
by Bruce E. Bagnell
A dog named Judge proves that dogs are man's best friends.

  Recently in West Deptford in New Jersey, an entire police unit paid its respects to Judge, a member of that force's K9 unit. The term K9 is used in US law enforcement to refer to dogs trained to help police officers carry out their work. The term is actually a play on words. ''K9,'' when spoken, sounds like ''canine,'' a word that refers to dogs or anything dog-like. K9 units operate throughout the US, allowing police officers another means of apprehending violent criminals.
  Judge began his service at the age of only one in 2007 for the West Deptford Police Department. Assigned to Corporal Michael Franks for training, Judge and Mike became inseparable. Judge was sent on missions to assist in capturing criminals over 200 times, resulting in 152 arrests of these dangerous felons. In addition to assisting with arrests, Judge helped officers confiscate drugs, vehicles, and guns.
  Such difficult and demanding work takes a toll on both cops and dogs. Judge was retired from the township's K9 team in 2013. Mike immediately adopted him, and Judge became a member of his family. Only one year later, though, he began to show signs of disease, so Mike took his beloved partner to a vet, who diagnosed Judge with Cushing's disease. Despite medical treatment, the outcome was inevitable.
  Judge became so weak a year later (2015) that the Franks decided to have him euthanized to keep him from suffering further, as his symptoms included vomiting, bleeding, and hair loss. When Mike announced his decision to his colleagues, they and Judge's veterinarians formed two lines outside the veterinarian's office, between which Mike walked Judge for the last time. A true hero was put to sleep that day.

1. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The story of a remarkable police dog.
(B) The story of a man and his pet.
(C) The difficulties faced by law enforcement officials.
(D) How dogs are trained to qualify for K9 unit work.
2. Which of the following statistics from the passage are true?
(A) Judge assisted police officers in making over 200 arrests.
(B) The West Deptford Police Departments has more than 200 K9 members.
(C) Judge aided police officers in making more than 150 arrests.
(D) There are more than 2,000 K9 units throughout the United States.
3. Why was Judge euthanized?
(A) He had reached retirement age.
(B) He was suffering from an incurable disease.
(C) He suffered from terrible abuse from Franks.
(D) His veterinarian was guilty of malpractice.
4. According to the passage, when did Judge die?
(A) At the age of one.
(B) When he was on a mission.
(C) The year he was taken to a veterinarian.
(D) At about the age of nine.


Recently in West Deptford in New Jersey, an entire police unit paid its respects to Judge, a member of that force's K9 unit.
pay one's respects to...  向……致敬
衍: show respect for...  向……表敬意
hold sb in respect  尊敬某人
in this respect  在這方面
We went to John's funeral to pay our last respects to him.
Children must show respect for their elders.
In this respect, Mary's talents are superior to my own.

  1. fitting a. 合適的,相稱的
  2. a play on words  一語雙關
    A good business slogan often involves a play on words.
  3. operate vi. 營運 & vt. 經營;操作
    The store only operates during the afternoons.
  4. apprehend vt. 逮捕
    同: arrest vt.
    The criminal tried to outsmart the police, but he was eventually apprehended.
    *outsmart vt. 比……聰明
  5. assign vt. 指派;分配
    衍: assignment n. 任務;功課
    No matter what task is assigned, Mark completes it with efficiency.
    Tim managed to finish the assignment on time.
  6. inseparable a. 不可分離的
    Chris and Kate have been inseparable ever since they started dating.
  7. assist vi. & vt. 協助(常與介詞 in 並用)
    衍: assistance n. 協助
    The police assisted in the search for the missing elderly woman.
    The needy family was grateful for the assistance given by their neighbors.
  8. demanding a. 費力的;苛求的
    衍: demand vt. 要求,請求
    Teaching jobs can be both physically and intellectually demanding.
    The king summoned the court musicians and demanded that they play him a song.
    *summon vt. 召喚,請來
  9. retire vi. 退休
    衍: retire from...  從……退休
    Marcus retired from the company after 10 years of service.
  10. adopt vt. 收養,領養
    衍: adoption n. 領養;採用
    Amy has adopted a dog from the local shelter.
    The couple couldn't have children of their own, so they decided on adoption.
  11. diagnose vt. 診斷
    衍: diagnose... with...  診斷……罹患……
    The doctor diagnosed Al with diabetes.
  12. inevitable a. 必然的,不可避免的
    It was inevitable that Simon would fail the math exam since he didn't study at all.
  13. remarkable a. 卓越的;非凡的

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unit n. 單位;部門
law enforcement  執法機構
enforcement n. 執行,實施
canine n. 狗,犬 & a. 狗的
Corporal n. 巡佐;下士
felon n. 重罪犯
confiscate vt. 沒收
euthanize vt. 使安樂死
veterinarian n. 獸醫(常簡寫為 vet)


  1. carry out... / carry... out  執行∕實施……
  2. take a toll on...  對……造成損害
    toll n. 損失;死傷
    A demanding job and family life have taken a toll on Susan's health.
  3. qualify for...  有資格……
    qualify vi. 有資格;合格
    衍: qualify as + 身份  取得……資格
    To qualify for this position, you must be a college graduate.
    David qualified as a lawyer this year.


  最近,紐澤西州西戴普福特區的整個警察單位都向『法官』致敬,牠是該單位的警犬部門其中一員。在美國的執法機構當中,K9 一詞泛指被訓練來協助警察執行任務的狗。這個單詞其實是一語雙關。K9 的發音聽起來像是 canine 一詞,泛指狗或任何與狗相似的事物。警犬單位在全美各地運作,提供警方另外一種方式來逮捕暴力罪犯。
  2007 年,法官在年僅一歲時就開始為西戴普福特警察部門服役。法官被分配給名叫麥可‧法蘭克斯的巡佐訓練,牠和麥可變得形影不離。法官被派去協助逮捕罪犯的任務不下兩百次,共達成逮捕這些危險重罪犯歸案達一百五十二次。除了協助逮捕以外,法官還幫助警方沒收毒品、車輛和槍枝。
  如此艱難又費力的工作對警察和警犬都會造成傷害。2013 年,法官從該城鎮的警犬隊退休。麥可立刻領養了牠,使法官成為他家庭的一員。然而,短短一年過後,牠開始顯示出疾病的跡象,因此麥克將他心愛的夥伴帶去看獸醫,法官被診斷出患有庫欣氏症(編按:專指由原發性腦下腺瘤所引起的庫欣氏症候群,庫欣氏症候群是一種內分泌病。)。儘管進行了醫療,該結果還是不可避免。
  一年後(2015 年),法官變得非常虛弱,因此法蘭克斯一家人決定要將牠安樂死,好讓牠不再遭受更多的折磨,因為牠的症狀包括嘔吐、出血和掉毛。當麥可向他的同事宣佈他的決定時,他們和法官的獸醫在獸醫辦公室外頭形成兩排隊伍,麥克最後一次帶著法官從隊伍中間走過。一位名副其實的英雄在那一天永遠安眠。

1. 本文主旨為何?
(A) 一隻非凡警犬的故事。
(B) 一名男子與他的寵物故事。
(C) 執法官員所面臨的困難。
(D) 狗如何受訓練以符合警犬單位工作的資格。
題解:全文皆在講述一隻偉大警犬的故事,故 (A) 項應為正選。
2. 下列哪一項出自於本文的統計數字是正確的?
(A) 法官協助警察成功逮捕犯人不下兩百次。
(B) 西戴普福特區的警察部門有兩百多名警犬成員。
(C) 法官協助警察成功逮捕犯人不下一百五十次。
(D) 全美各地有兩千多個警犬單位。
題解:根據本文第二段,法官被派去協助逮捕罪犯的任務不下兩百次,共達成逮捕這些危險重罪犯歸案達一百五十二次,故 (C) 項應為正選。
3. 為什麼法官要被安樂死?
(A) 牠已經到了退休年齡。
(B) 牠飽受一種無法根治的疾病之苦。
(C) 牠遭受法蘭克斯可怕的虐待。
(D) 牠的獸醫有醫療不當的罪名。
題解:根據本文第三段,法官被診斷出患有庫欣氏症,儘管進行了醫療,該結果還是不可避免,故 (B) 項應為正選。
4. 根據本文,法官何時過世?
(A) 在一歲那一年。
(B) 當牠出任務的時候。
(C) 牠被帶去看獸醫的那一年。
(D) 大約九歲時。
題解:根據本文第二段及第四段,法官在 2007 年時年僅一歲,到了 2015 年時,法蘭克斯一家人決定將牠安樂死,推算之下,牠的年齡應為九歲,故 (D) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D

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