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解析電子報7月號 - 老爺車轉生術 3
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  Car SOS 3  老爺車轉生術 3
by Marcus Maurice
In some ways, cars are all the same. In other ways, they are totally different.

   At some point in most men's lives, they decide they want an amazing automobile. Some of these men take their love affair with automobiles even further by deciding to rebuild these vehicles with their own hands. Master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and auto-lover Tim Shaw, hosts of National Geographic Channel's (NGC) Car SOS 3, look to find the rarest cars available and show people what they can still do. In Car SOS 3, there are no run-of-the-mill cars, but they all still have standard combustion engines underneath their hoods. The biggest problem is finding parts for these incredible vehicles because there are so few parts left in the world.
  In one of the episodes, Townshend and Shaw take a look at a pre-World War I car to decide if they can rebuild it. Shaw is skeptical, but with Townshend's urging, they go for it. They take on the challenge and, instead of dreading it, they end up having a good time. Shaw plays some practical jokes on Townshend because he is too thrilled with working on the car, but it is all in good spirits. Eventually, they get the rusty panels off the car and need to paint over some parts, which becomes troublesome because of the age of the vehicle.
  If you are a person who enjoys the challenge of getting an old, rare automobile into shape for hitting the road, then Car SOS 3 is for you. Not only will you be in awe of some of the cars they find, but you will also be entertained by the witty banter between the hosts.

  1. vehicle n. 車輛
    There are always many nice vehicles at the auto show.
  2. mechanic n. 汽車技師
  3. run-of-the-mill a. 普通的,一般的
    Lethal Weapon 4 was just like every other run-of-the-mill action movie.
    《致命武器 4》這部電影和其他一般的動作片沒什麼兩樣。
  4. part n. 零件(常用複數);部份;角色
    These machine parts have been forged with the finest steel.
    *forge vt. & vi. 鍛造
  5. episode n.(節目等的)一集
    The last episode of the drama series will be broadcast this evening.
  6. skeptical a. 懷疑的(與介詞 about 或 of 並用)
    衍: be skeptical about / of...  對……懷疑
    Professor Brown is skeptical about the existence of life in outer space.
  7. urge vt. 慫恿;鼓勵
    衍: urge sb to V  慫恿∕鼓勵某人從事……
    The father urged his son to face reality and meet the challenges.
  8. rusty a. 生鏽的
    The lock is rusty, so we should replace it with a new one.
  9. troublesome a. 引起麻煩的;令人煩惱的
    Fixing the old washing machine will be too troublesome, so let's just buy a new one.

  1. (have) a love affair with...  (有)對……的愛意;與……談戀愛
    One half of participants in the survey dreamed of having a love affair with a celebrity.
  2. look to V  想要(做)……
  3. play a practical joke on sb  對某人惡作劇
    同: play a prank on sb
    a practical joke  惡作劇
    = prank n.
    Mike loves to play practical jokes on people around him, which is why he has few friends.
  4. be thrilled with...  對……感到興奮∕激動
    I'm thrilled with the gift you gave me for my birthday.
  5. be in good spirits  氣氛愉快;精神很好
    反: be in low spirits  心情不好
    The boss was in good spirits this morning.
    After our school's baseball team lost, everyone was in low spirits.
  6. hit the road  上路,出發
    After a short break at a rest stop, we hit the road again.
  7. be / stand in awe of...  對……感到敬畏
    awe n. 敬畏
    I couldn't help but stand in awe of those powerful people.

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a combustion engine(老式汽車)內燃機引擎
hood n. 引擎蓋
dread vt. 害怕
panel n.(車子的)板金;嵌板
witty a. 詼諧的,機智的
banter n.(善意的)玩笑


老爺車轉生術 3
  在大多數男人一生中的某個時候,他們決定要一臺令人刮目相看的汽車。其中一些男士甚至更進一步提升他們對汽車的酷愛之情,決定要親手重新組裝這些汽車。大師級汽車技師費茲‧湯遜和汽車愛好者提姆‧蕭一同主持國家地理頻道的節目《老爺車轉生術 3》,期望能找到最稀有的車子,並向世人展現它們的能耐。在《老爺車轉生術 3》中,沒有一輛是普通的汽車,不過它們的引擎蓋下全都裝有標準規格的內燃機引擎。最大的困難是要為這些非凡的車子尋找零件,因為那些零件在世界上已經為數不多了。
  如果你喜歡接受這種把老舊稀有汽車整頓成能夠上路的挑戰,那麼《老爺車轉生術 3》就很適合你。你不只會對他們找到的某些車子產生敬畏之心,你還會被主持人之間的詼諧玩笑給逗樂了。

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