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  Suspended Coffees  再忙,也要請你喝杯咖啡
by Marcus Maurice
It's about more than just coffee.

  Every morning, people who are addicted to caffeine lust for delicious cups of coffee so that they can actually wake up from their zombie-like state. They get to the counter of their local café and order an Americano, latte, or cappuccino. What if, for a small amount of money, anyone could help another person anonymously? A recent phenomenon called suspended coffees is just that. A person orders their cup of java and then also orders a suspended coffee. The person pays for two coffees but only receives one. The suspended coffee is for someone who is down on their luck, downtrodden, or just unable to afford the coffee. They can come into the participating café and ask for a suspended coffee and get it for free. The suspended coffee movement is a pay-it-forward scheme that enables people to show kindness by treating those unknown to them to a hot cup of goodwill.
  Suspended coffees are based on the honor system from both the stores and the recipients. Most baristas do not ask any questions when people ask for a suspended coffee. Instead, they smile and fill out their orders. The idea of suspended coffees was started in Naples, Italy, and because of social media, it has quickly spread to the US, Canada, and all over Europe. Now there is a website as well as a Facebook page with nearly 280,000 likes, which lists the cafés around the world that participate in suspended coffees. So far, more than 120,000 cups of coffee have been purchased and given to complete strangers. Suspended coffee has not made it to Taiwan, but it is about time that it did.
1. What is suspended coffee?
(A) Free coffee for everyone.
(B) A way for people who are not doing well in life to have a free cup of coffee.
(C) A new blend of Mexican coffee.
(D) Coffee that is very cheap.
2. How do café owners know who to give free coffee to?
(A) They only serve free coffee to homeless people.
(B) They just guess who is the poorest.
(C) They will not give them out unless someone has proof of unemployment.
(D) They trust people who say they want suspended coffee.
3. Why has suspended coffee spread so fast?
(A) Because it has been featured on local TV.
(B) It has been promoted by cafés.
(C) People have been talking about it on Facebook and other websites.
(D) Everyone wants free coffee from strangers.
4. According to the article, what is true about Taiwan?
(A) Suspended coffee has not made it here yet.
(B) Every Starbucks participates in suspended coffee.
(C) It has the best coffee in Asia.
(D) In Taiwan, if you do not have a job, coffee is half price.


Every morning, people who are addicted to caffeine lust for delicious cups of coffee so that they can actually wake up from their zombie-like state.
be / become addicted to...  沈迷∕熱衷於……
衍: addictive a. 使人上癮的
My little brother is addicted to video games.
Morphine may alleviate your pain, but it is physically addictive.
*alleviate vt. 使減輕,緩和
What if, for a small amount of money, anyone could help another person anonymously?
What if + S + V?  如果……的話該如何?
同: What would happen if + S + V?
What if Dad should ever find out that we are lying?
= What would happen if Dad should ever find out that we are lying?

  1. suspend vt. 暫停;使中止
    David's flight was suspended due to the bad weather.
  2. lust vi. 渴望 & n. 慾望
    Kevin is like a child lusting for toys.
  3. anonymously adv. 匿名地
    衍: anonymous a. 匿名的
    Someone has been contributing to this charity anonymously for 20 years.
    The police located the suspects after getting an anonymous tip.
  4. phenomenon n. 現象(單數形)
    phenomena n. 現象(複數形)
  5. receive vt. 接受;收到
    The singer received a multitude of requests to perform live.
    *a multitude of...  許多的……,大量的……
  6. participate vi. 參加
    衍: participate in...  參加……
    = take part in...
    My teacher suggested that I participate in some extracurricular activities.
  7. movement n. 運動,風潮
  8. scheme n. 計劃;機制;陰謀
    Fortunately, the swindler's scheme to cheat the old lady of all her money fell through.
    *fall through  失敗;成為泡影
  9. goodwill n. 友好,善意
    In a gesture of goodwill, the two countries agreed on a temporary trade agreement.
    *gesture n. 表示;姿態
  10. purchase vt. & n. 購買(物)
    The washing machine was too expensive, so Tom didn't purchase it.
    This sports car is the most luxurious purchase I have ever made.

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caffeine n. 咖啡因
java n. 咖啡(美式俚語)
downtrodden a. 被踐踏的
barista n. 咖啡師
blend n. 混合物

  1. down on one's luck  (某人)時運不濟
    You shouldn't kick a man when he is down on his luck.
  2. fill out...  填寫……
    同: fill in...
    You'll have to fill out this form if you want to apply for a loan.




1. 什麼是待用咖啡?
(A) 供應所有人的免費咖啡。
(B) 一種讓日子過得不太好的人們能夠得到一杯免費咖啡的方式。
(C) 一種新的墨西哥咖啡混合飲品。
(D) 非常便宜的咖啡。
題解:根據本文第一段,待用咖啡是給予那些時運不濟、歷經苦難或買不起一杯咖啡的人,故 (B) 項應為正選。
2. 咖啡店老闆要如何知道該給誰免費咖啡?
(A) 他們只供應流浪漢免費咖啡。
(B) 他們只是猜測誰是最窮的人。
(C) 除非某人提供失業證明,否則他們不會送出免費咖啡。
(D) 他們相信那些開口要求待用咖啡的人。
題解:根據本文第二段,當人們要求一杯待用咖啡時,大多數的咖啡師不會詢問任何問題,故 (D) 項應為正選。
3. 為什麼待用咖啡蔓延得如此快速?
(A) 因為當地電視曾經特別介紹它。
(B) 咖啡店曾推廣待用咖啡。
(C) 人們一直以來就在臉書或其他網站上談論它。
(D) 每個人都想要來自陌生人的免費咖啡。
題解:根據本文第二段,由於社群媒體的緣故,它很快地便散播至美國、加拿大以及歐洲各地,故 (C) 項應為正選。
4. 根據本文,下列哪一項關於臺灣的敘述是正確的?
(A) 待用咖啡還沒來到這裡。
(B) 每一間星巴克都參與待用咖啡活動。
(C) 它有全亞洲最棒的咖啡。
(D) 在臺灣,如果你沒有工作,咖啡就是半價。
題解:根據本文第二段,待用咖啡還沒有來到臺灣,但也該是時候了,故 (A) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. B 2. D 3. C 4. A

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