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  The UPS Kid  夢想無限 UPS
by Daniel Howard
A little boy gets his dream job when he was just four years old.

  Carson Kight of Colorado Springs was born unable to drink milk, and his special baby formula would have to be delivered two or three times a week. It was always the same man dropping it off, Ernest Lagasca, whom Carson called Mr. Ernie. At first, Carson would only watch Mr. Ernie drop packages off from the window. As Carson grew older, the two met and developed a very special friendship. Carson would rush out to meet Mr. Ernie and greet him with a big hug. A lot of times Carson would even wear his tiny UPS uniform. This made Mr. Ernie's day every time. Carson loved the truck Mr. Ernie drove and dreamed of becoming a UPS driver.
  So when UPS started an ad campaign called Your Wishes Delivered, the company decided to make Carson a UPS driver. One day, Mr. Ernie arrived at Carson's home, but he did not have formula this time. He had a miniature UPS van, just the right size for four-year-old Carson. It had an electric engine and working headlights. It perfectly matched Mr. Ernie's delivery truck. So what did Carson do? He delivered packages of treats to all his neighbors using a map he drew himself. He even had his own little clipboard that he would use to have people sign for their packages.
  Even though Mr. Ernie was transferred to another route, he still remembers Carson as his favorite customer. Mr. Ernie thinks that Carson would be a great UPS driver in the future because he was so friendly when delivering packages to his neighbors. Mr. Ernie taught Carson a lot about deliveries, but one of the most important things was to walk and not run when giving people their packages.
1. Why did UPS deliver to Carson's home several times a week?
(A) The Kight family sent a lot of packages out.
(B) Carson's brother wanted to be a delivery person.
(C) His family's friend worked for UPS.
(D) Carson needed a special formula delivered.
2. How did Carson deliver treats to his neighbors?
(A) By using a regular-sized UPS truck.
(B) By using his hand-drawn map.
(C) Mr. Ernie would deliver the things for him.
(D) His mother would take him to the neighbors' houses.
3. Which of the following is NOT true about Carson's UPS van?
(A) It was a gift from the company.
(B) It had an electric motor.
(C) It was too big for him at first.
(D) Its headlights worked.
4. Why didn't Carson get to see Mr. Ernie much anymore?
(A) Mr. Ernie was assigned a new delivery route.
(B) Mr. Ernie retired from working at UPS.
(C) Carson and his family moved away.
(D) Carson lost interest in being a delivery man.

  1. rush to + 地方  衝去某地,匆促趕往某地
    同: dash to + 地方
    The fire fighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire.
  2. make one's day  讓某人很高興
    同: give one great pleasure
    The news of your music scholarship to the university made my day.
  3. dream of...  夢想∕渴望……
    衍: dream about...  夢到……
    The couple dreamed of traveling around the world together after they both retired.
    Leo got first place this time, but he never dreamed about it.
  4. be transferred to...  被轉調到……
    Neil was transferred to a Seattle-based law firm.
  5. retire from...  從……退休
    Carter lost enthusiasm for basketball after his favorite player retired from the game.

  1. deliver vt. 遞送,投遞;發表(演講)
    衍: delivery n.(貨物的)遞送
    The letter won't be delivered if you don't stick a stamp on the envelope.
    Dr. Brown will deliver a speech about educational reform.
    Your order will be ready for delivery next month.
  2. greet vt. 迎接;問候
    衍: greet sb with...  以……迎接某人
    The two old friends greeted each other with a pat on the back.
  3. campaign n. 活動,(為政治或商業性等目的所發起的)運動
    The group will launch an anti-drug campaign.
  4. miniature a. 小型的 & n. 小模型
    There is a miniature version of that designer jacket for children.
  5. electric a. 電動的
    衍: electronic a. 電子的
    The invention of electric appliances has made our lives easier.
    Is your electronic watch waterproof?
  6. engine n. 引擎
    Please have your engine shut off before I fill up the tank.
  7. route n. 路線
    Paul took a different route home and almost got lost.
  8. hand-drawn a. 手繪的
  9. assign vt. 指派,分配
    衍: be assigned to V  被指派做……
    assign sb sth  指派某人某任務
    David was assigned to study and report on the product's effectiveness.
    The boss assigned Sam the task of washing his car.


He even had his own little clipboard that he would use to have people sign for their packages.
have 當使役動詞時,可用 make 代替,表『叫(某人做某事)』,其後加受詞,再以原形動詞作補語,形成下列句型:
have + 受詞(通常為人)+ 原形動詞  叫(某人)做……
同: make + 受詞 + 原形動詞
= get + 受詞 + to + 原形動詞
Jenny had her husband wash her car.
= Jenny made her husband wash her car.
= Jenny got her husband to wash her car.

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formula n. 配方奶
headlight n. 車頭燈
clipboard n. 書寫夾板


夢想無限 UPS
  科羅拉多州科泉市的卡爾森‧凱特天生就無法飲用牛奶,他的特殊嬰兒配方奶還必須每個禮拜配送兩到三次。配方奶總是由一名叫做厄尼斯特‧拉格斯卡的男子來遞送,卡爾森稱他為厄尼先生。起初,卡爾森只會從窗戶內看厄尼先生投遞包裹。隨著卡爾森漸漸長大,他們兩人相識,並培養出一種非常特殊的友誼。卡爾森會衝出門外與厄尼先生碰面,並用一個大大的擁抱來迎接他。卡爾森很多時候甚至會穿著超小號的 UPS 制服。這個舉動每次都讓厄尼先生愉快一整天。卡爾森很喜愛厄尼先生開的貨車,並且夢想成為一位 UPS 送貨員。

  因此,當 UPS 著手進行一項名為『你的願望已送達』的廣告活動,這間公司便決定讓卡爾森成為一位 UPS 的駕駛員。某一天,厄尼先生來到了卡爾森的家,但他這次並沒有準備配方奶。他帶了一輛小型的 UPS 貨車,車身大小正好符合四歲的卡爾森。這輛車擁有一個電動引擎以及運作正常的車頭燈。這和厄尼先生的送貨車完全匹配。那麼,卡爾森的任務是什麼呢?他利用自己所繪製的地圖,將零食包裹配送給他所有的鄰居。他甚至擁有自己的小型書寫板,如此他便可用它來讓大家在領取包裹時簽收。

  儘管厄尼先生被轉調到另一條路線,不過他仍然記得卡爾森是他最喜愛的顧客。厄尼先生認為,卡爾森未來將會是一位很棒的 UPS 駕駛員,因為當他向鄰居投遞包裹時都非常地友善。厄尼先生還傳授卡爾森許多關於投遞包裹的經驗,其中最重要的一點就是,當發送包裹給別人的時候要用走的而非用跑的。

1. 為什麼 UPS 一週要配送到卡爾森的家好幾次?
(A) 凱特家人要寄送許多包裹。
(B) 卡爾森的哥哥想當送貨員。
(C) 他家人的朋友在 UPS 工作。
(D) 要配送卡爾森所需的特殊配方奶。
題解:根據本文第一段,科羅拉多州科泉市的卡爾森‧凱特天生就無法飲用牛奶,他的特殊嬰兒配方奶還必須每週配送兩到三次,故 (D) 項應為正選。
2. 卡爾森如何把零食配送給鄰居?
(A) 透過使用一輛一般大小的 UPS 貨車。
(B) 透過使用他的手繪地圖。
(C) 厄尼先生會把東西配送給他。
(D) 他的媽媽會帶他到鄰居家。
題解:根據本文第二段,他利用自己所繪製的地圖,將零食包裹配送給他所有的鄰居,故 (B) 項應為正選。
3. 下列哪一項有關卡爾森 UPS 貨車的敘述是不正確的?
(A) 它是來自這間公司的禮物。
(B) 它擁有一個電動馬達。
(C) 起初這輛車對他來說太大了。
(D) 它的車頭燈能夠運作。
題解:根據本文第二段,某一天,厄尼先生來到了卡爾森的家,他帶了一輛小型的 UPS 貨車,車身大小正好符合四歲的卡爾森,得知 (C) 項敘述是錯的,故為正選。
4. 為什麼卡爾森再也不常見到厄尼先生了?
(A) 厄尼先生被指派到一條新的配送路線。
(B) 厄尼先生從 UPS 的工作退休了。
(C) 卡爾森和他的家人搬走了。
(D) 卡爾森沒興趣成為一位送貨員了。
題解:根據本文第三段,儘管厄尼先生被轉調到另一條路線,不過他仍然記得卡爾森是他最喜愛的顧客,故 (A) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. A

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