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Cesar to the Rescue II  呼叫西薩狗教官

by Marcus Maurice
A pet is only as bad as its owner.

  One of the biggest stars in dog training is Cesar Millan. He came from humble beginnings and is now very famous because of his canine expertise. As a matter of fact, there are very few dogs or owners that Millan cannot help out. This month, National Geographic Channel (NGC) presents Cesar to the Rescue II, a show which features Millan tackling some dogs with behavioral issues. First up is a black dog named Misty. The owners are having problems and think the animal may be aggressive. Millan brings his own dog to meet Misty and instead of aggressiveness, Misty shows signs of being insecure. Soon, Millan and the owners go on a short hike around the neighborhood so Millan can give out words of encouragement to help the owners get Misty to feel more secure. Sometimes all that is needed to fix problems is a little bit of advice and a nice walk.
  The next assignment is not as easy when Millan meets Hershey, a chocolate Labrador. The owner is not having problems with his dog, but there are two boxer dogs in the area that are terrorizing people in the neighborhood. Hershey's owner is concerned because his relaxing walks with his pet have now turned into hostile situations when the boxers are out. He even says that they have attacked 15 people in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the owners of the boxers agree to meet Millan and when he sees the combative dogs, he knows he is going to have his hands full. Find out what wisdom the dog whisperer tells the owners of the boxers and much more this month on NGC's Cesar to the Rescue II.

  1. humble a. 清寒的,卑微的
    Barbara was born into a humble family.
  2. expertise n. 專業知識
    Sharon has remarkable expertise in the history of wars.
  3. feature vt. 以……為特色
    The book features stories written by a high school student with cancer.
  4. aggressive a. 有侵略性的
    Mike's aggressive manner has brought him notoriety.
    *notoriety n. 壞名聲
  5. insecure a. 缺乏安全感的
    反: secure a. 安心的
    Sam feels insecure about his looks because he is bald.
    Sean feels secure when he has friends around.
  6. encouragement n. 鼓勵
    Fiona owed her success to her boyfriend's encouragement.
  7. assignment n. 任務
  8. Labrador n. 拉布拉多獵犬(簡寫)
  9. hostile a. 懷有敵意的
    衍: be hostile toward...  對……懷有敵意
    The boy is hostile toward anyone who approaches him.
  10. wisdom n. 學問;智慧
  11. dog whisperer n. 狗靈媒,狗語者(能與狗溝通者)
    whisperer n. 低語者;造謠者

  1. to the rescue  營救
    衍: come / go to the rescue  前來解圍
    The little boy almost drowned before the lifeguard came to his rescue.
  2. as a matter of fact  事實上
    同: in fact
    As a matter of fact, Kevin is fluent in French.
  3. give out...  發出(聲音)∕宣佈∕分發……
  4. have one's hands full  某人非常忙碌
    同: one's hands are full
    I have my hands full with all the work I have to do this week.

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canine a. 犬科動物的
behavioral a. 行為的
aggressiveness n. 攻擊性
a boxer dog  拳師犬
terrorize vt. 脅迫,恐嚇
combative a. 好鬥的



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