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解析電子報7月號 - 禮多人不怪
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  Apologizing in Advance  禮多人不怪
by William Ryan
Here is an uncommon example of in-flight courtesy.

  If you've ever been on a long flight with a crying baby or screaming toddler on board, you probably felt like your flight was never going to end. If you checked the time again and again, you might have wondered if your watch had stopped working.
  Recently, a considerate and inventive couple who were flying with their infant for the first time did something extraordinary. They apologized in advance for the baby's crying. That was considerate. The way they apologized was the extraordinary part. These courteous parents gave out gift bags to every passenger on the plane. Each bag contained earplugs and some treats along with a charming note of apology, in case their baby daughter Madeline might disturb the peace and quiet of the flight. The note was written in the first person, as if Madeline had written it herself. It explained that this was her first flight, and she would try to be quiet. Just in case she did become frightened, irritated or her ears hurt, Madeline wanted to apologize. The note mentioned the treats and earplugs and ended with the words, "Have a great flight!"
  At a time when verbal and physical conflicts are not unusual in the air, Madeline's parents showed genuine concern for others and excellent parenting. Their creative gesture must have made a positive impression on everyone. Intending to express thoughtfulness and consideration, they also generated plenty of passenger good will. If flying with a baby isn't enjoyable for passengers, imagine how stressful it must be for the parents. The passengers must have felt empathy for the infant's parents. Baby Madeline is fortunate to have great parents. Her life is off to a good start. By the way, Madeline didn't cry on the flight.
1. What is the meaning of the phrase, "you might have wondered if your watch had stopped working" in the first paragraph?
(A) Crying children can make flights seem much longer.
(B) Crying babies seem much louder on long flights.
(C) Flights that are delayed make the flight seem longer.
(D) Watches often break down during the flight.
2. According to the article, which of the following was most extraordinary?
(A) A baby's parents apologized to passengers.
(B) Flight attendants gave earplugs to passengers.
(C) A baby's parents gave gift bags to passengers.
(D) An infant on a flight did not annoy passengers.
3. Which of the following is NOT true about the note?
(A) It was contained inside the gift bags.
(B) It contained an apology.
(C) It wished passengers a great flight.
(D) It was written by Madeline.
4. What was the purpose of Madeline's parents' action?
(A) To express consideration and courtesy.
(B) To make the flight crew happy.
(C) To show empathy to others.
(D) To get rid of boredom.


Each bag contained earplugs and some treats along with a charming note of apology, in case their baby daughter Madeline might disturb the peace and quiet of the flight.
in case + (that) 子句  以免(萬一)……
同: in the event + that 子句
We'll pick up something to eat on the way there in case they didn't buy enough snacks.

  1. apologize vi. 道歉
    衍: apologize to sb for sth  因某事向某人道歉
    Jimmy apologized to his girlfriend for being late for their date.
  2. courtesy n. 禮貌;好意
    同: politeness n.
    衍: (by) courtesy of...  出自……的好意(招待);由……免費提供
    Courtesy costs nothing.
    Here is a sandwich for you, courtesy of Becky.
  3. toddler n. 學步的兒童
  4. wonder vt. 納悶,想知道
    I wonder what Tommy said to make his mother so angry.
  5. considerate a. 體貼的
    同: thoughtful a.
    It is considerate of you to yield your seat to the elderly.
    *yield vt. & vi. 讓與(常與介詞 to 並用)
  6. infant n. 嬰兒
  7. extraordinary a. 非凡的,特別的
    As soon as the actress entered the room, her extraordinary beauty caught everyone's attention.
  8. courteous a. 有禮貌的
    同: polite a.
    If parents are courteous to everyone, their children tend to be the same.
  9. earplug n. 耳塞(一般用複數)
    衍: a pair of earplugs  一副耳塞
  10. disturb vt. 打擾
    衍: disturbance n. 干擾
    I didn't mean to disturb you, but I have got something important to tell you.
    Phone calls in the middle of a movie can be a great disturbance.
  11. irritated a. 感到煩躁∕惱怒的
    衍: irritating a. 令人煩躁∕惱怒的
    If you play a joke on Sally, she may get irritated.
    Jill's meddlesome attitude is really irritating to me.
    *meddlesome a. 愛管閒事的
  12. genuine a. 真誠的;真正的
    Terry bought a genuine leather jacket at a ridiculously low price.
  13. enjoyable a. 令人愉快的
  14. empathy n. 同感;同情
    衍: feel empathy for...  對……感同身受
    I feel empathy for Jason for not passing his final.
  15. a flight attendant  空服員
    attendant n. 服務員
  16. boredom n. 厭煩(不可數);無聊

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verbal a. 言語的
conflict n. 衝突
parenting n. 父母對子女的養育
gesture n. 舉動;姿態

  1. as if...  彷彿∕好像……
    同: as though...
    Martha looked at me coldly as if I were a total stranger.
  2. intend to V  打算∕企圖(做)……
    衍: be intended to V  目的是要……
    Josh intended to quit smoking, but he just couldn't do it.
    This medicine is intended to make me sleepy, but I'm wide awake.
  3. plenty of...  大量的∕充份的……
  4. be / get off to a + 形容詞 + start  以……的狀況開始
    The marriage got off to a rocky start.
  5. get rid of...  擺脫……
    This brand of shampoo can help you get rid of dandruff.
    *dandruff n. 頭皮屑(不可數)



1. 第一段當中的短語『你可能會納悶,是否你的手錶已經停止轉動了』是什麼意思?
(A) 哭鬧的孩子會讓飛行顯得更漫長。
(B) 哭鬧的嬰兒似乎在長途飛行中更吵鬧。
(C) 延遲的航班讓飛行顯得更漫長。
(D) 手錶時常在飛行期間故障。
題解:根據本文第一段,如果你曾經在一趟長途飛行中遇到機上哭鬧的嬰兒或尖叫的小孩,你可能會覺得這趟飛行永無止盡,故 (A) 項應為正選。
2. 根據本文,下列哪一種情況最了不起?
(A) 嬰兒的父母向乘客道歉。
(B) 空服員發放耳塞給乘客。
(C) 嬰兒的父母發送禮品袋給乘客。
(D) 機上的嬰兒沒有惹惱乘客。
題解:根據本文第二段,他們道歉的方式才是令人意想不到的部份。這對客氣有禮的父母發送禮品袋給機上的每一位乘客,故 (C) 項應為正選。
3. 有關該字條,下列哪一項敘述不正確?
(A) 它附含在禮品袋裡。
(B) 它裡頭含有一則道歉內容。
(C) 它祝乘客旅途愉快。
(D) 它是由馬德琳所寫的。
題解:根據本文第二段,這張字條是用第一人稱來寫的,彷彿是馬德琳親自寫下,得知該字條並非由她親自所寫,與 (D) 項敘述不符,故為正選。
4. 馬德琳父母的舉動要表達什麼目的?
(A) 為了表達窩心和禮貌。
(B) 為了討機組人員開心。
(C) 為了對他人展現同理心。
(D) 為了擺脫煩悶。
題解:根據本文第三段,他們本打算表達體貼窩心的一面,不料還引起許多乘客釋出善意,故 (A) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. A 2. C 3. D 4. A

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