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24 Hours in A&E 2  急診室 24小時 2

by Marcus Maurice
The accident and emergency department at King's College Hospital is always busy.

  Reality shows have become increasingly popular over the past two decades. One show shows the harsh realities of a hospital's emergency room with 91 cameras filming around the clock from strategically placed locations so as not to interfere with any treatments. National Geographic Channel's 24 Hours in A&E 2 is filmed at Britain's King's College Hospital's busy accident and emergency department. Each episode shows what it's like to handle various injuries over a 24-hour period. The series captures the heartbreaking pain that patients and their families go through when something has gone wrong. All is not sad on 24 Hours in A&E 2, though. There are plenty of laughs as stories of love, life, and death unfold before the viewers' eyes.
  In one episode, a 15-year-old boy is taken to the emergency room because he cut his leg attempting to do a backflip off the roof of a shed onto a trampoline. Needless to say, his mother is not too happy about her son being so reckless. To add insult to injury, the boy's friends have filmed his accident with their cell phones and are willing to show and laugh about it with anyone willing to watch the video.
  In a different episode, a 47-year-old woman was slammed into by a motorcyclist while she was crossing the road by her home. The doctors are very worried for her because her face has taken the brunt of the impact and she may have internal bleeding behind her eye or in the brain. Meanwhile, the woman's boyfriend is on his way to the hospital but is stuck in the traffic jam that her accident caused. Every day and night, something new happens on 24 Hours in A&E 2.


  1. reality n. 真實;現實
    Some people commit suicide because they can't face reality.
  2. around the clock  全天候地;日以繼夜地
    The police have kept an eye on the suspected serial killer around the clock.
  3. strategically adv. 策略上地;戰略性地
    Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia.
  4. interfere with...  妨礙∕干擾……
    interfere in...  介入……,干預……
    interfere vi. 干擾,妨礙;介入
    My sister interfered with my studying by asking me question after question.
    Mary has a tendency to interfere in other people's personal affairs.
  5. treatment n. 治療
    That treatment is known to cause serious side effects.
  6. capture vt. 捕捉(畫面等);捕獲
    The police officer on duty last night captured the fugitive.
    *fugitive n. 逃亡者,逃犯
  7. unfold vi. 呈現,展開
    As the news unfolded, Steve couldn't help but stare at the TV in amazement.
  8. Needless to say,...  不用說,……
    Needless to say, these exams will deeply affect which college I enter.
  9. insult n. & vt. 侮辱,羞辱
    I took your comment about my hair as a compliment and not as an insult.
    Jack insisted that I apologize for insulting him yesterday.
    *本文中的 "add insult to injury" 為一習慣用語,意為『雪上加霜』或『更糟的是』。
  10. impact n. 衝擊;影響
    Nuclear waste has a permanent impact on the environment.

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  1. emergency n. 緊急狀況
  2. harsh a. 嚴酷的,惡劣的
  3. episode n.(電視節目的)一集
  4. handle vt. 處理
  5. injury n. 傷害
  6. heartbreaking a. 令人心碎的
  7. backflip n. 後空翻
  8. shed n. 小屋
  9. trampoline n. 彈簧墊
  10. reckless a. 魯莽的
  11. motorcyclist n. 機車騎士
  12. brunt n. 撞擊
  13. internal a. 內部的 

  1. go through...  經歷∕遭受……
  2. go wrong  出錯
  3. attempt to V  企圖∕試圖(做)……
  4. be willing to V  願意從事……
  5. slam into...  猛力撞上…… 


急診室 24小時 2
  過去二十年來,真人實境節目變得愈來愈受歡迎。有一個節目呈現出急診室嚴酷的真實狀況,而為了不妨礙治療的進行,九十一臺攝影機全天候都架設在經過策略性安排的地點來進行拍攝。國家地理頻道的《急診室 24 小時 2》系列節目是在位於英國的倫敦國王學院附設醫院忙碌的急診部門進行拍攝。每一集節目中都會呈現出在二十四小時當中處理各種傷勢的情形。這一系列的節目捕捉到意外發生時病人和家屬所經歷的錐心之痛。然而,《急診室 24 小時 2》節目中並非都是令人傷心的情節。該節目中還是有許多歡笑,因為有許多愛、生命和死亡的故事呈現在觀眾的眼前。
  在另一集當中,有一名四十七歲的女子在自家旁邊過馬路時被一名機車騎士撞倒了。醫生非常擔心她的狀況,因為她的臉部受到了撞擊,而且她的眼睛後方或是腦部可能有內出血。在此同時,這位女子的男友正在前往醫院的途中,但卻被困在這位女子的意外所引發的車陣當中。每天從早到晚,《急診室 24 小時 2》節目中都有新的事情發生。

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