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  Cherished Teddies 珍愛寶貝熊
by Ivy Liu

"If something exists, somebody somewhere collects them."

  Collecting all kinds of objects, whether for amusement or survival, has long been a part of human history. Indeed, this hobby makes people willing to wait hours in line to get their hands on limited edition items. Some do it as an investment, while others simply see collecting as a hobby. One popular line of products, celebrating its 25th anniversary of charming people around the world this year, is the Cherished Teddies collection by the company Enesco.
  Made up of over 2,000 figurines and other accessories, the collection has received numerous awards as one of the leading brands of collectible teddy bears around the world. Made to look like old-fashioned childhood treasures, Cherished Teddies were a huge hit when they were first introduced to the public in 1992. Self-taught artist and creator of the collection, Priscilla Hillman said, "Each piece is an expression of a favorite childhood memory."
  Though she majored in botany in college, Hillman always held a passion for art. After spending several years as a research assistant, she decided to turn her attention back to art and found a career in book illustration. Then in the 1980s, Hillman had back problems that prevented her from doing anything for months. To pass the time, she watched old movies, looked at nostalgic pictures, and dreamed up designs of what would eventually become Cherished Teddies.
  These days, Hillman continues to design a whole range of characters with her son, Glenn. Together, they go around the country to meet their fans and sign their Cherished Teddies pieces. After all, a signed collectible is a valuable addition to any collection.

1. What is Enesco?
(A) The company that owns the Cherished Teddies brand.
(B) The name of a collection of teddy bears.
(C) An award-winning figurine.
(D) The last name of the person who owns Cherished Teddies.

2. What is one of the reasons why Cherished Teddies are so popular?
(A) They remind people of their own childhood.
(B) They are covered in precious stones.
(C) They are extremely rare and hard to buy.
(D) They have been given many awards.

3. What is a lesson that can be learned from the third paragraph?
(A) Always try to create products that will be a huge hit.
(B) Always pursue your passion and your dreams.
(C) Return to school and get a degree if you can't find a job.
(D) Taking some time off to relax is never the answer.

4. What is suggested by the last paragraph?
(A) Having the artist's signature on an item is worthless.
(B) Priscilla Hillman and her son collaborated to work on Cherished Teddies.
(C) Glenn Hillman has taken over designing Cherished Teddies from his mother.
(D) Traveling and meeting fans takes a lot of patience and time.


1. cherished a. 珍貴的
: cherish vt. 珍惜
= value vt.
= treasure vt.
Freedom of speech is a cherished right in this country.
If friends cherish one another, they will be friends forever.

2. amusement n. 娛樂
: an amusement park  遊樂園
amuse vt. 使開心
The amusement park is known for its thrilling rides.
Larry was amused by my funny story.

3. edition n.(發行物的)版,版本
This is the second edition of the author's award-winning novel.

4. charm vt. 吸引,迷住 & n. 魅力,吸引力
: be charmed with / by...  為⋯⋯著迷
charming a. 迷人的
Kathy was charmed with David's intelligent opinions and graceful manner.
The actor is not very handsome, but he has great charm.
Though Julie is not beautiful, Sam still finds her very charming.

5. accessory n. 配件(常用複數)
Alice's accessories matched her blue dress perfectly.

6. assistant n. 助理(常與介詞 to 並用)
Karen has been an assistant to Mr. Smith for more than 10 years.

7. illustration n. 插圖
The book was full of beautiful illustrations.

8. addition n. 添加(物)(與介詞 to 並用)
In my view, the addition of milk to the oatmeal makes it taste better.
*oatmeal n. 燕麥片

9. pursue vt. 追求,繼續進行
: pursue one's dream(s) of V-ing  某人追求……的夢想
Henry is pursuing his dream of becoming a movie director.

10. collaborate vi. 合作
: collaborate with...  與……合作
Most singers like to collaborate with rappers nowadays.
*rapper n. 饒舌者

To pass the time, she watched old movies, looked at nostalgic pictures, and dreamed up designs of what would eventually become Cherished Teddies.
dream up...  想出……
dream of...  夢想∕渴望……
dream about...  夢想∕夢到……
How did you dream up such a crazy idea?
Ken dreams of becoming a famous celebrity one day.
I dreamed about a lion chasing me last night.

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figurine n. 公仔;小塑像
collectible a. 可收藏的 & n. 收藏品
self-taught a. 自學的
botany n. 植物學
: botanical a. 植物(學)的
nostalgic a. 懷舊的
precious stone  寶石


1. wait in line(s)  排隊等候
: stand in line(s)
: cut in line  插隊
Sally waited in line for an hour to get the star's autograph.
*autograph n. 親筆簽名
That man cut in line, and no one stopped him.

2. get one's hands on...  獲取∕得到……
My sister always wants to get her hands on the latest designer bags.

3. major in...  主修……
: minor in...  輔修……
Andy majored in art and minored in philosophy.
*philosophy n. 哲學;哲理

4. pass (the) time  消磨時間
: kill time
My friends and I always sing songs to pass the time on road trips.

5. a range of...  各式各樣的……
: a variety of...
The restaurant offers a range of authentic Spanish dishes.
*authentic a. 真正的

6. take over...  接管……
I will take over the project if you don't think you can handle the job.



  不論是為了娛樂或生存,收集各式各樣的東西長久以來都是人類歷史的一部分。確實,這個興趣讓人們願意為了取得限量版商品而排隊等上幾個鐘頭。有些人將之作為投資,有些人則僅僅將收集視為一種嗜好。有個廣受歡迎的產品系列在今年歡慶二十五週年,它一直以來風靡了世界各地的人,這個產品系列便是由 Enesco 公司所打造的寶貝熊收藏品。
  該收藏系列由超過兩千個公仔與其他配件所組成,曾獲獎無數,同時也是全球供收藏的泰迪熊領導品牌之一。寶貝熊被打造為看起來像是復古的童年珍藏,當它們於 1992 年首度向大眾推出時就大獲成功。自學藝術家及該收藏品的創造者普莉絲拉‧希爾曼說:「每一件作品都訴說了一個美好的兒時記憶。」
  雖然希爾曼大學時主修植物學,她始終熱愛藝術。她在擔任研究助理幾年之後,決定將注意力轉回藝術,並找到一份書籍插畫的工作。接著於 1980 年代,希爾曼有背痛的問題,使她連續數個月都無法從事任何活動。為了要消磨時間,她觀看舊電影、看著懷舊照片,並發想出最終成為寶貝熊的設計。


1. Enesco 是什麼?
(A) 擁有寶貝熊品牌的公司。
(B) 一系列泰迪熊的名字。
(C) 一個獲獎的公仔。
(D) 寶貝熊擁有者的姓氏。
題解:根據本文第一段,它(寶貝熊)一直以來風靡了世界各地的人,這個產品系列便是由 Enesco 公司所打造的寶貝熊收藏品,故 (A) 項應為正選。

2. 下列哪一項是寶貝熊如此受歡迎的原因之一?
(A) 它們讓人們想起自己的童年。
(B) 它們有寶石裝飾。
(C) 它們極其珍貴且很難買到。
(D) 它們曾獲得許多獎項。
題解:根據本文第二段,寶貝熊被打造為看起來像是復古的童年珍藏,當它們於 1992 年首度向大眾推出時就大獲成功,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. 從本文第三段可以學到什麼?
(A) 要一直嘗試打造會大賣的產品。
(B) 要一直追尋你的熱情與夢想。
(C) 如果找不到工作,就回學校攻讀學位。
(D) 休息一段時間放鬆一下絕對不是個辦法。
題解:根據本文第三段,於 1980 年代,希爾曼有背痛的問題,使她連續數個月都無法從事任何活動。為了要消磨時間,她觀看舊電影、看著懷舊照片,並發想出最終成為寶貝熊的設計,故 (B) 項應為正選。

4. 本文最後一段暗示了什麼?
(A) 物品上有藝術家的簽名是沒有價值的。
(B) 普莉絲拉‧希爾曼和她的兒子合作打造寶貝熊。
(C) 葛蘭‧希爾曼從他媽媽手中接下設計寶貝熊的工作。
(D) 旅行並與粉絲見面需要很多耐心和時間。
題解:根據本文最後一段,近來,希爾曼和她的兒子葛蘭繼續設計整個系列的角色,故 (B) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B

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