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✶ 姊看的不是老片 是懷舊 Nostalgia in the Time of COVID

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姊看的不是老片 是懷舊 Nostalgia in the Time of COVID
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圖片來源:FRIENDS (TV Show) Facebook Page


Recently, you have developed a new habit (or perhaps “ritual” would be a more accurate term) for any evening that you spend at home during the week. Before going to bed, you lie on your sofa and watch two or three episodes of an old sitcom from the 1990s, like Friends. __1__ Maybe something along the lines of, “I really should break this habit because it provides no intellectual benefits at all.”

最近你養成了在週間任何待在家的夜晚會有的一個習慣(或者說是「儀式」可能比較正確)。在上床睡覺之前,你躺在沙發上觀賞兩到三集 1990 年代的老情境喜劇,像是《六人行》。但在過去這個月左右,你的腦海中可能已經幾度出現過某種念頭。也許這個念頭是:「我真的應該戒掉這個習慣,因為這對智力完全沒有任何的幫助。」

ritual [ ˈrɪtʃʊəl ] n. 儀式
intellectual [ ˌɪntl̩ˈɛktʃʊəl ] a. 智力的,腦力的

姊看的不是老片 是懷舊 Nostalgia in the Time of COVID

However, you are not alone in these so-called nostalgia TV sessions. __2__ According to research, these shows make up for what they lack in intellectual stimulation with plenty of emotional benefits. For example, Friends may have been a show that you greatly enjoyed in your younger days before becoming an adult. Therefore, watching this lighthearted comedy conjures up feelings of happy nostalgia that provide much-needed comfort. 


stimulation [ ˌstɪmjəˈleʃən ] n. 刺激
lighthearted [ ˌlaɪtˈhɑrtɪd ] a. 輕鬆的
conjure up... / conjure... up  使人想起∕冒出……的念頭;想像出……

In times of stress, nostalgia TV can offer emotional support to humans. __3__  This is largely because old shows take us back to a simpler time in our lives before the stresses and responsibilities of adulthood set in.


set in  (尤指不愉快的事)來臨∕開始

Throughout the past year or so, people in every corner of the world have had their lives altered in some way by the coronavirus pandemic. __4__ The plans many people had to travel or study have been put on hold. Most frightening of all, many people have to live with the ever-present fear of falling ill. __5__ It has become a way for people to feel grounded and secure in the face of anxiety and uncertainty. Best of all, it may even help you sleep better.


coronavirus [ kəˈronəˌvaɪrəs ] n. 冠狀病毒
pandemic [ pænˈdɛmɪk ] n. (範圍廣大或全球性的)流行病∕疫情
ever-present [ ˌɛvɚˈprɛzənt ] a. 始終存在的



  • sitcom [ ˈsɪtˌkɑm ] n. 情境喜劇(situation comedy 的簡稱)
  • drama [ ˈdrɑmə ] n. 電視劇
  • a soap opera  肥皂劇,連續劇(= soap,通常為持續很長一段時間連日播出的電視劇)
  • a reality TV show  電視真人秀,實境節目
  • a cooking / cookery show  烹飪節目
  • documentary [ ˌdɑkjəˈmɛntərɪ ] n. 紀錄片(節目)
  • podcast [ ˈpɑdˌkæst ] n.     播客(在臺灣常直接以 podcast 稱之)
  • webcast [ ˈwɛbˌkæst ] n. 網路直播(節目)


(A)    Businesses have been forced to shut down.
(B)    It turns out that many people are also fans of watching old sitcoms.
(C)    Given this harsh reality, nostalgia TV may now be more useful than it ever was before.
(D)    But over the past month or so, on several occasions a certain thought may have occurred to you.
(E)    Among the most popular films are Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, The Fugitive, and Bewitched, to name just a few.
(F)    It might even be compared to how people feel when spending time with old friends or receiving a hug from a parent.



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Ans:    1.    D    2.    B    3.    F    4.    A    5.    C

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