★ AI 女團「驚嚇」出道! K-pop Idols 2.0

人工智慧(或稱 AI)正在改變娛樂的面貌
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本文主講 Karen, Wesley

K-pop is a modern, cutting-edge music style that blends Korean and international genres in new and unusual ways. Its artists are always working on the next cool sound or eye-catching look. So where does this innovative art form go next? As it turns out , some K-pop lovers are turning to AI for the next big thing.

K-pop 是一種現代且前衛的音樂風格,以新穎獨特的方式融合了韓國和國際音樂的類型。K-pop 藝人總是在努力創造下一個很酷的音樂或是吸睛的風格。那麼這種創新的藝術形式下一步會往哪裡走呢?結果,有一些熱愛K-pop 的人轉向人工智慧來創造下一個明日之星。

blend [ blɛnd ] vt. & vi.(使)混合
blend A with B  將 A 與 B 混合
innovative [ ˈɪnəˌvetɪv ] a. 新穎的,創新的

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is, very literally , changing the face of entertainment. From online pranks to editing actors into movies, the word “deepfake” has entered public awareness. A deepfake uses advanced AI to make one person look exactly like someone else in a video clip. In creating the K-pop group Eternity, however, tech company Pulse9 has taken deepfakes to a whole new level : they have formed a completely artificial girl group.

人工智慧(或稱 AI)正在改變娛樂的面貌 ─ 就是字面上的意思。從網路惡作劇到將演員剪接到電影裡,deepfake 一字已博得大眾關注。deepfake 使用先進的 AI,讓一個人在短片裡看起來跟另一個人一模一樣。不過,科技公司 Pulse9 創造了 K-pop 團體 Eternity,將 deepfake 提升到了一個全新的境界:他們創造出一個完全人造的女子團體。

literally [ ˈlɪtərəlɪ ] adv. 字面上地
advanced [ ədˈvænst ] a. 先進的

AI 女團「驚嚇」出道! K-pop Idols 2.0 圖片轉引自:https://reurl.cc/En9MGk

Eternity is made up of 11 unique and original computer-generated avatars, and everything, from each woman’s appearance to their voice, is entirely the product of artificial intelligence. In many ways, the group’s performances are the same as other low-budget girl groups who are starting out . The dance moves are pretty stiff and the voices all seem to blend together. Nothing really stands out about them.

Eternity 由十一個獨特原創的電腦生成虛擬人物組成,從每位女子的外表到她們的聲音,都是人工智慧的產物。就許多方面來說,該團體的表演和剛成團的低成本女子團體一樣。她們的舞蹈動作頗為僵硬,聲音像是全都混在一起。她們並沒有真的很突出的地方。

stiff [ stɪf ] a. 僵直的,僵硬的

What does stand out to many critics about Eternity is the group’s perceived creepy atmosphere. Some viewers feel that although the avatars look realistic , they lack hard-todefine   human characteristics . A lot of this probably comes from the “uncanny valley” effect, which describes the uncomfortable feeling people get around things that look almost—but not quite perfectly—human. The effect has been known to extend to robots, wax sculptures, and digital reproductions.

對許多批評者來說,Eternity 突出的地方是該團體會讓人察覺到一種詭異氛圍。有些觀看者認為,雖然這些虛擬人物看起來很真實,但她們缺少了難以界定的人類特質。這種感覺主要可能是來自「恐怖谷」效應,這個詞描述的是人們在面對看起來幾乎跟真人一樣 ─ 卻又不到完美相似 ─ 的物體時所產生的不適感。據了解,這種效應也擴及機器人、蠟像和數位複製品。

realistic [ ˌrɪəˈlɪstɪk ] a. 逼真的,栩栩如生的
characteristic [ ˌkærɪktəˈrɪstɪk ] n. 特色,特徵

And while Eternity is very cool, it does not yet have the capacity to compete with tried and tested human musicians. Not yet, anyway.

雖然 Eternity 很酷,但它還沒有能力與經過重重考驗的人類音樂家抗衡。至少目前還沒有。

capacity [ kəˈpæsətɪ ] n. 能力
compete [ kəmˈpit ] vi. 競爭,比賽
compete with...  與⋯⋯競爭/競賽

1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the musical group Eternity?

(A) It was created by a tech company.

(B) There are 11 members in the group.

(C) Their videos are extremely competitive due to their high production quality.

(D) Every characteristic of its members was created with the aid of computer software.

competitive [ kəmˈpɛtətɪv ] a. 有競爭力的;競爭性強的

2. Which of the following involves deepfake technology?

(A) A person that pretends to be someone else by stealing their personal information.

(B) A movie’s leading role that is altered and becomes another person.

(C) An internet trick that incorporates voices into pictures.

(D) An AI robot that resembles a character from a drama.

incorporate [ ɪnˈkɔrpəˌret ] vt. 併入
incorporate A into B  把 A 併入 B
resemble [ rɪˈzɛmbl̩ ] 與⋯⋯競爭/競賽vt. 與⋯⋯相似

3. Why is the “uncanny valley” effect mentioned in the fourth paragraph?

(A) Eternity is so perfect that it fools everyone who watches their video.

(B) It indicates what country the girl group is supposed to come from.

(C) The effect describes a graph of advances in artificial intelligence.

(D) The avatars in Eternity still cannot pass for humans.

4. Which of the following best describes the author’s attitude towards AI groups like Eternity?

(A) Supportive.

(B) Frustrated.

(C) Doubtful.

(D) Positive.



creepy [ ˈkripɪ ] a. 令人毛骨悚然的

  1. frightening [ ˈfraɪtn̩ɪŋ ] a. 嚇人的,可怕的
  2. scary [ ˈskɛrɪ ] a. 可怕的
  3. chilling [ ˈtʃɪlɪŋ ] a. 令人害怕/毛骨悚然的
  4. spooky [ ˈspukɪ ] a. 令人毛骨悚然的
  5. eerie [ ˈɪrɪ ] a. 令人毛骨悚然的


Ans: 1. C 2. B 3. D 4. C

1. 關於 Eternity 樂團,下列敘述何者錯誤?
(A) 它是由一間科技公司創造的。
(B) 該團體有十一名成員。
(C) 她們的影片極有競爭力,因為她們的產品品質很高。
(D) 成員們的所有特質都是在電腦軟體的協助下創造出來的。

2. 下列何者牽涉到 deepfake 科技?
(A) 一個藉由竊取個資來冒充他人的人。
(B) 一個被變造成另一個人的電影主角。
(C) 一個將聲音併入圖片的網路惡作劇。
(D) 一個長得像某個戲劇角色的 AI 機器人。

3. 為什麼第四段提到了「恐怖谷」效應?
(A) Eternity 太完美,騙過每個看過她們影片的人。
(B) 它指出了這個女子團體應該是來自哪個國家。
(C) 這個效應描述了一個展現人工智慧進展的圖表。
(D) Eternity 中的虛擬人物還是沒辦法被看作人類。

4. 下列何者最能描述作者對於像是 Eternity 這種 AI 團體的態度?
(A) 支持的。
(B) 沮喪的。
(C) 懷疑的。
(D) 正面的。

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