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有一些還被改編成真人電視劇,像是《女神降臨》和《SWEET HOME》
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新韓流來襲|網漫躍上銀幕 Webtoons Get Animated
《 女神降臨》主要是在探討女性與自身外表的議題
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文章主講 Karen, Chris  全程英文講解 

Fans of LINE WEBTOON—an international comic platform under Korean comic publishing brand NAVER WEBTOON LIMITED launched worldwide in 2014—can look forward to seeing some of their favorite comic series brought to life as animations. The company is branching out from web comics to animated series, which will include adaptations of Tower of God, The God of High School, and Noblesse

LINE WEBTOON(韓國漫畫品牌 NAVER WEBTOON LIMITED 旗下的國際版漫畫平臺,2014 年於全球推出)的粉絲可以期待見到他們最愛的一些漫畫系列被賦予生命、改編成動畫。該公司正從網漫開始擴展至動畫系列,包含了《神之塔》、《高校之神》及《大貴族》的改編。

animation [ ˌænəˈmeʃən ] n. 動畫
bring to life... / bring... to life  使……栩栩如生
branch out  擴大∕擴展(工作、活動等範圍)

延伸學習|adaptation 的其他意思以及動詞 adapt 的用法

  1. adaptation [ ˌædæpˈteʃən ] n. 改編
  2. adapt [ əˈdæpt ] vt. 改編
    be adapted for...  被改編成……(媒介)
    be adapted into...  被改編成……(作品)
    be adapted from...  改編自……
  3. 表「(生物的)適應性」。
    The sea creature’s soft bones are an adaptation to the pressure in the deep sea.
  4. 表「改造,改裝」。
    Adam adapted this room to create an appropriate living space for his five cats.
  5. 表「適應」,可作及物或不及物動詞,通常和介詞 to 並用。
    adapt (oneself) to N/V-ing  (使自己)適應……
    I find it difficult to adapt to city life. After all, I grew up in the country.


Tower of God is one of the platform’s most popular comics. The story deals with a boy named Bam who has spent his life trapped beneath a mysterious tower with his friend Rachel. The real adventure begins when he follows Rachel into the tower which houses various environments. The TV animation series was initially released in Korea and then in Japan shortly after. The company is also planning on rolling out their new content in other markets, such as the US and Europe. The God of High School follows characters as they navigate three different realms—the Earth, Sage, and the Heavenly Realm. Meanwhile, Noblesse looks at a boy’s transition to high school, but “there’s a twist”—that character is a vampire who has just woken up after being asleep for nearly 1,000 years.

《神之塔》是該平臺最受歡迎的漫畫之一。故事描述一位名為夜的男孩,一生都與他的朋友蕾哈爾被困在一座神祕之塔的底下。在他跟隨蕾哈爾進到裡頭有著許多環境的塔時,真正的冒險就此展開。電視動畫影集最初是在韓國開播,不久後也在日本播出。該公司也計劃在像是歐美等其他市場推出他們的新內容。《高校之神》則是在講述角色們周遊在三界 ── 人界、魔界、神界 ── 的故事。同時,《大貴族》則是關於一名男孩上高中的過渡期,不過有個轉折 ── 這名角色是在沉睡了將近一千年後才剛甦醒的吸血鬼。

trap [ træp ] vt. 使受困
realm [ rɛlm ] n. 領域
transition [ trænˈzɪʃən ] n. 過渡期;轉變


These aren’t the only webtoons that have been adapted for the screen. Some have been turned into live-action television series, like True Beauty and SWEET HOME. True Beauty mainly discusses the issues of women and their appearance. It tells the story of a high school girl that struggles with self image and confidence. SWEET HOME offers something more thrilling, and much less about the lives of normal teenagers. The series follows a boy who is forced to leave home after an unexpected family tragedy and has to deal with monsters in his new apartment. Another adaptation is Beauty Water, which is based on a story from the webtoon comic Tales of the Unusual. The animated movie tells the story about a distorted desire for beauty and a fear of plastic surgery.

被改編並躍上銀幕的網漫不只有這些。有一些被改編成真人電視劇,像是《女神降臨》和《SWEET HOME》。《女神降臨》主要是在探討女性與自身外表的議題。其講述的故事是關於一名對自我形象和自信有所掙扎的高中女生。《SWEET HOME》的故事則更加刺激,對一般青少年生活的著墨少很多。該系列講述的是一名在一場意外的家庭悲劇後被迫離家的少年,他在新的公寓裡必須應付怪物。另一部《整容液》則是根據網漫《奇奇怪怪》其中的一個故事改編而成。這部動畫電影講述對美的扭曲渴望以及對整型手術的恐懼。

thrilling [ ˈθrɪlɪŋ ] a. 刺激的
distorted [ dɪsˈtɔrtɪd ] a. (事實、觀點等)扭曲的
plastic surgery  整型手術

Of course, if you’d rather enjoy the fun of reading the original comics instead of watching them, all the original versions are available on LINE WEBTOON.

當然,如果你想體驗閱讀原著漫畫的樂趣,而不想看動畫劇集版,所有的原版漫畫都能在 LINE WEBTOON 上讀到。


更多精彩漫改內容,請鎖定 LINEWEBTOONTW

1.    Which of the following is the most likely source of the passage?
(A)    An editorial of a community newspaper.
(B)    An article about tips for reading webtoons.
(C)    A magazine that introduces the latest entertainment.
(D)    A pamphlet teaching people how to create their own comics.

2.    What does the phrase “there’s a twist” mean in the second paragraph?
(A)    There is an unexpected element in the story.
(B)    The character behaves like a teenager.
(C)    The plot is very predictable.
(D)    The ending is complicated.

3.    Which show would you watch to see the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl?
(A)    The God of High School.
(C)    Beauty Water.
(D)    True Beauty.

4.    Which of the following do you NOT learn about in the passage?
(A)    Popular comics on LINE WEBTOON.
(B)    Webtoons that have been adapted into animated series.
(C)    The plots and backgrounds of some webtoon comics.
(D)    From which platform one can watch the adapted TV series.



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本篇文章取自《解析英語 110/4/9》。

Ans: (C) (A) (D) (D)

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Words in Use
n. . 動畫製作(技術)(不可數);動畫(片)(可數);活力(不可數)
n. 適應,適合
n. . 適應(與介詞 to 並用);改編(與介詞 of 並用)(= adaption [ J`dApSJn ])
.vt. & vi. (使)適應(與介詞 to 並用)、改編
vt. 設陷阱捕捉
n. 陷阱;圈套,騙局,詭計
n. 領土;(知識、興趣的)範圍
n. 轉變
adj. 刺激的
Practical Phrases
branch out

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new.

adapt to

Billy finds it very hard to adapt to the hustle and bustle of city life.


It’s hard for me to adapt myself to city life.

be adapted into

The best-selling novel was set to be adapted into a movie.

be adapted from...

The blockbuster movie was adapted from an original novel.

plastic surgery

Ruby had plastic surgery in order to change the shape of her nose.

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