迷因?彌因?到底什麼是 Meme? Meme Time

這個詞來自希臘字 mimema,指的是被模仿的某事物
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迷因?彌因?到底什麼是 Meme? Meme Time
不爽貓(Grumpy Cat)因其脾氣暴躁的表情而成名 (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)好可愛~
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Anyone that has a smartphone is surely familiar with memes. There is no way to avoid them. They are everywhere on social media. They get shared on messaging apps and through email; they even get referenced in published articles. Most people don’t give memes a second thought, beyond noting whether they are funny or not. However, there is a history to them that might surprise you.


give... a second thought  對……重新思索∕加以考慮
beyond [ bɪˈjɑnd ] prep. 除……以外(用於否定句)

The word “meme” was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and it first appeared in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. The word comes from the Greek word mimema, which means something imitated. For Dawkins, a meme is merely an idea. He used the word to discuss the way in which ideas are spread through a culture and how they change along the way. He compared it to the way genes are biologically passed down from parent to child.

「迷因」一詞是由演化生物學家理查.道金斯所創造,它最早是出現在他 1976 年的著作《自私的基因》中。這個詞來自希臘字 mimema,指的是被模仿的某事物。對道金斯來說,迷因僅僅是一個概念。他用這個詞來討論概念在整個文化中的傳播方式以及它們在整個過程中如何變化。他將其比喻為生物學上父母遺傳基因給孩子的方式。

coin [ kɔɪn ] vt. 創造∕杜撰(新詞等)
evolutionary [ ˌɛvəˈluʃənˌɛrɪ ] a. 演化的
imitate [ ˈɪməˌtet ] vt. 模仿
compare A to B  比較 A 和 B;將 A 比擬成 B

The meme made the jump to the internet in the 1990s. Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch suggests that Mike Godwin was the first person to use it in terms of internet communication. In a column titled “Meme, Counter-Meme,” Mike Godwin stated that if an online discussion went on long enough, it would inevitably lead to a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis. This concept became known as “Godwin’s Law.”

迷因在 1990 年代躍入網際網路。網際網路語言學家格雷琴.麥卡洛克提出,就網際網路交流而言,邁克.戈德溫是第一位使用這個詞的人。邁克.戈德溫在標題為《迷因,反迷因》的專欄中敘述,如果線上的討論持續得夠久,就會不可避免地出現希特勒或納粹的類比。這個概念之後就被稱作「高德溫法則」。

in terms of...  就……而言
counter- [ ˈkaʊntɚ ] prefix 與……相反
inevitably [ ɪnˈɛvətəblɪ ] adv. 不可避免地

Memes nowadays can be in the form of texts, photos, videos, or any othermedium. Some memes have inspired new words, like “rickrolling.” This is pretending to send someone a serious link, but when they click it, it leads to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video. Countless memes feature a person, an animal, or a character with a certain expression on their face. There is Grumpy Cat, Distracted Boyfriend, Screaming Marmot, and Baby Yoda. Users can edit the text on the photo to make their own joke. There are countless meme generators online, so your own personalized meme is just a click away.

如今迷因的形式可以是純文字、照片、影片或任何其他媒介。一些迷因促成了像是「瑞克搖」的新詞。這是假裝向某人發送一個內容嚴肅的連結,但當他們點擊連結時,會連到瑞克.艾斯里《永不會放棄你》的 MV。無數的迷因以臉上有某種表情的人、動物或角色為特色。有不爽貓、分心男友、尖叫的土撥鼠和尤達寶寶。用戶可以編輯照片上的文字來自創玩笑。線上有數不清的迷因產生器,所以你只需點擊一下,即可創建自己的個性化迷因。

pretend to V  假裝(要)……
distracted [ dɪˈstræktɪd ] a.  分心的,注意力分散的
personalized [ ˈpɝsn̩l̩ˌaɪzd ] a. 為個人特製的




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