別再患得患失了!小心錯失恐懼症 Recognizing FOMO and How to Combat It

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別再患得患失了!小心錯失恐懼症 Recognizing FOMO and How to Combat It
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Have you ever been at a party and found yourself unable to enjoy any meaningful interactions with the other people present? Or, have you ever been invited to two separate events and found it hard to decide which to attend for fear that whichever choice you make will be the wrong one? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” you may be suffering from the fear of missing out, or “FOMO.”

你是否曾在一場派對中發現自己無法與在場的其他人享受任何有意義的互動? 或者,你是否曾被邀請參加兩個個別的活動,卻因為生怕做出來的任何選擇都會是錯的,因此很難決定要參加哪個活動?若你對這些問題的其中一個答案是「對」的話,你可能正受錯失恐懼症所苦。

separate [ ˈsɛpərɪt ] a. 各自的
for fear that + S + V 唯恐∕生怕……
FOMO 錯失恐懼症(為 fear of missing out 的縮寫)

But, do not panic; FOMO affects many people in the modern world. Hence, you are definitely not alone. FOMO has become a prevalent social phenomenon in recent decades. It is likely due to the growth of mobile technology and social media. New mobile technologies, smartphones in particular, are undoubtedly a fabulous invention. However, the ability to connect with anyone at all times is a double-edged sword.

不過,別驚慌;錯失恐懼症影響著現代世界的許多人。 因此,你絕不孤單。錯失恐懼症在近數十年來成為一種普遍的社會現象。這可能是由於行動科技及社群媒體的成長所導致。 新型行動科技(尤其是智慧型手機)無疑是個很棒的發明。然而,隨時與任何人聯繫的能力是把雙面刃。 

hence [ hɛns ] adv. 因此,所以
prevalent [ ˈprɛvələnt ] a. 普遍∕流行∕盛行的
a double-edged sword 雙面刃

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Today, most of our Facebook feeds are filled with photos and updates from people who wish to show only the best aspects of their lives to the world. This is where FOMO comes in. The constant stream of idealized depictions of the lives of others can leave us feeling that our own lives are imperfect in comparison.

如今,我們大部分的 Facebook 動態消息都充斥著某些人的照片及最新消息,這些人希望僅向世界展現他們生活中最好的一面。這就是錯失恐懼症發生的緣由。他人生活被理想化過的描繪不斷出現,讓我們覺得自己的生活相較之下並不完美。

aspect [ ˈæspɛkt ] n. 方面,層面
stream [ strim ] n.(事件、人物等的)一連串∕一系列
depiction [ dɪˈpɪkʃən ] n. 描述,描繪,描寫



別再患得患失了!小心錯失恐懼症 Recognizing FOMO and How to Combat It

So, what can be done to combat FOMO? One idea is to reduce the time you spend on social media. Setting time limits for how long you browse or use social media each day will be helpful. Unfollowing friends whose posts always seem to make you feel bad about yourself may do you good as well.

所以我們能做什麼來對抗錯失恐懼症呢?一個建議是,減少你花在社群媒體上的時間。 給自己設定每天瀏覽或使用社群媒體的時間限制會有幫助。 取消關注那些貼文似乎總讓你對自身感到難過的朋友可能也會有所助益。

combat [ kəmˈbæt ] vt. 對抗,抵抗

Another strategy is to shift your focus away from what you feel you lack in life and toward all the great things you have. This strategy could, for example, take the form of a so-called gratitude journal, where you write down three things you are grateful for every day. With these tips, FOMO can be beaten, and you will be able to enjoy a more delightful life.

另一項策略是,將注意力從你感到生活中缺少的事物轉移到擁有的所有美好事物上。 例如,這個策略可用所謂感謝日誌的形式來達成,你可以每天在上頭寫下三件想感謝的事物。使用了這些訣竅後,錯失恐懼症可以被擊敗,而你將能享受更愉快的生活。

so-called [ ˈsoˌkɔld ] a. 所謂的
journal [ ˈdʒɝnl̩ ] n. 日誌,日記



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