隱形的 A 柱 讓您安全上路 A Solution to Vehicle Blind Spots

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隱形的 A 柱 讓您安全上路 A Solution to Vehicle Blind Spots
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目錄 / Words for Reference / Tips & Analysis / Practical Phrases / Words in Use / More to Learn / 中文翻譯&答案

  Automobile manufacturers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make vehicles safer. One of the main safety issues is __1__ of blind spots—areas around the vehicle that cannot be seen by the operator. The main cause of blind spots is the existence of three different pillars on a car (A-, B-, and C-pillars). These vertical or near-vertical pillars house and support a vehicle’s windows and roof. The A-pillars, which surround the windshield and support the anterior section of the roof, are __2__ problematic. This is mainly because A-pillars have gradually been designed to be thicker in order to house airbags and prevent vehicles from collapsing when they roll over, __3__ blind spots worse over the years.
  In response to this issue, 14-year-old American student Alaina Gassler has come up with an ingenious solution. Gassler’s system uses a webcam, a projector, and retroreflective fabric to make a vehicle’s A-pillar appear __4__. By projecting footage from the exteriorly mounted webcam onto the passenger-side A-pillar, drivers can see cars, pedestrians, and other objects which would normally be __5__ from their sight. While similar technology has been previously explored by companies, such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Jaguar, Gassler’s idea is much less complicated and potentially cheaper to manufacture.
  Gassler’s invention was clever enough to win her first prize and US$25,000 at a science and engineering competition in the fall of 2019. While it may be many years before Gassler’s invention reaches the masses, a quick YouTube search can give you a glimpse into the future of automobile safety.
1. (A) this  (B) what  (C) that  (D) which
2. (A) scarcely  (B) particularly  (C) loosely  (D) deliberately
3. (A) that makes  (B) make  (C) made  (D) making
4. (A) optional  (B) enormous  (C) apparent  (D) invisible
5. (A) blocked  (B) detected  (C) released  (D) folded


Words for Reference

 a blind spot  盲區,盲點
 operator n. 駕駛員;操作人員
 pillar n. 柱子
 windshield n. 擋風玻璃
 anterior a. 前面的;向前的
 webcam n. 網路攝影機
 projector n. 投影機
 retroreflective a. 逆向反射的
 footage n.(某個事件的)影片
 exteriorly adv. 在外部地
 pedestrian n. 行人
 the masses  大眾(恆用複數)

Tips & Analysis

1. One of the main safety issues is that of blind spots—areas around the vehicle that...
a. 相同的名詞在同一句中出現時,為避免重複,會改用代名詞 that 或 those。單數名詞以 that 取代,而複數名詞則以 those 取代。
• The odor Tim smells is that of his own sweat.

• Things made by hand last longer than those made by machine.

b. 空格前的名詞 One of the main safety issues(主要的安全問題之一)為單數,可知答案應選 (C) that 以代替該名詞。

2. The A-pillars, which surround the windshield and support the anterior section of the roof, are particularly problematic.
a. (A) scarcely adv. 幾乎不,幾乎沒有
• Rita could scarcely see anything in the dark room.
particularly adv. 特別,尤其
• The test was particularly hard, even for those who had reviewed the material.
loosely adv. 粗略地;寬鬆地
• This movie is only loosely based on the book of the same name.
deliberately adv. 故意地
• Someone has deliberately severed the phone cable.
*sever vt. 切斷
b. 空格前介紹了一臺車中的三個柱子(A 柱、B 柱及 C 柱)及其功能,空格後則提到 A 柱變厚使得盲區的問題在這些年來更加嚴重,可知 A 柱「特別」容易產生問題,故答案應選 (B) particularly。

3. ... A-pillars have gradually been designed to be thicker..., making blind spots worse over the years.
a. 空格前已有主詞 A-pillars(A 柱)及 be 動詞 have been,得知空格內若置 (B) make,將造成有 have been 與 make 兩個動詞卻無連接詞連接的錯誤句構。
b. 一句中有兩個動詞同時存在,彼此間有逗點相隔而無連接詞時,則第二個動詞要變成現在分詞。
• The fin of a shark emerged from the ocean, causing swimmers to panic.

c. 根據上述,原句動詞 have been 及 make 之間無連接詞連接,但有逗點相隔,因此第二個動詞應改為現在分詞 making,故 (D) 應為正選。

4. Gassler’s system uses a webcam, a projector, and retroreflective fabric to make a vehicle’s A-pillar appear invisible.
a. (A) optional a. 可選擇的
• Some courses are compulsory, while others are optional.
*compulsory a. 強制性的
enormous a. 巨大的,龐大的
• Bill has an enormous amount of money.
apparent a. 明顯的,顯然的
• There was an apparent flaw in their approach to the mission.
invisible a. 隱形的,看不見的
• The magician made himself invisible in front of the audience.
b. 第一段提到 A 柱產生的盲區所帶來的問題,而第二段一開始便提到蓋斯勒已想出一個絕佳的解決辦法,可知她的系統是要讓 A 柱看起來是「隱形的」,故 (D) 項應為正選。

5. By projecting footage... onto the passenger-side A-pillar, drivers can see cars, pedestrians, and other objects which would normally be blocked from their sight.
a. (A) block vt. 阻擋
• The view from the window is blocked by the newly-built skyscraper.
detect vt. 發現,察覺
• Many forms of cancer can be cured if detected at an early stage.
release vt. 釋放
• Mark was released from prison yesterday after serving a 10-year sentence.
fold vt. 對摺
• Josh folded the map in half and put it in his pocket.
b. 根據語意,駕駛人可以從投射到副駕駛座這側的 A 柱上看到本來在他們視線裡會被「擋住」的車輛、行人以及其他物體,故 (A) 項應為正選。

Practical Phrases

1. be on the lookout for...  尋找……
lookout n. 張望,注意
• Robert has been on the lookout for a new computer for months.

2. roll over  翻轉;翻身
• According to witnesses, the car rolled over three times before hitting the tree.

3. in response to...  以因應∕回應……
• In response to staff shortage, Linda put forward a proposal to hire more part-time workers.

4. give sb a glimpse into...  讓某人一窺……
• Volunteering at the hospital gave me a glimpse into the world of medicine.

Words in Use

1. manufacturer n. 製造商
 manufacture vt.(大量)製造
• Most computer manufacturers offer technical support to their customers.
• Our company manufactures electronic devices.

2. innovative a. 新穎的,創新的
• The baker is known for creating big cakes with innovative designs.

3. vertical a. 垂直的
 horizontal a. 水平的
• There are several black vertical lines on Ed’s T-shirt.
艾德的 T 恤上有許多黑色的垂直線條。

4. problematic a. 有問題的
• Putting this plan into action could be very problematic.

5. collapse vi. 瓦解;倒塌;累倒
• Three buildings in this area collapsed during the earthquake.

6. ingenious a. (計畫等)巧妙的,足智多謀的
• Fred came up with an ingenious way to kill a lot of cockroaches at once.

7. project vt. 投射,投影
• The speaker projected a slide onto the screen.

8. mounted a. 安裝在……上的
• The wall-mounted monitor can record all the images in our home.

9. potentially adv. 有可能地;有潛力地
• The police were called in to handle the potentially explosive situation.

More to Learn

a. sunroof / moonroof  天窗,滑動頂板
b. windshield  擋風玻璃
c. wiper  雨刷,刮水器
d. hood  引擎蓋
e. radiator grill  散熱器格柵
f. bumper  保險桿
g. fog light  霧燈
h. headlight  車頭燈
i. fender  擋泥板,翼子板
j. tire / tyre  輪胎
k. rearview mirror  後照鏡(車內)
l. side view mirror  後照鏡(車外)
m. tail light  後車燈


隱形的 A 柱 讓您安全上路

  汽車製造商總是在尋找讓車子更加安全的新穎方式。主要的安全問題之一是盲區 ── 亦即駕駛人無法看到的車子周圍區域。會有盲區的主要因素是一臺車上存在著三個不同的柱子(A 柱、B 柱及 C 柱)。這些垂直或接近垂直的柱子為窗戶和車頂提供了空間並給予支撐的力量。圍繞在擋風玻璃周圍並支撐車頂前端的 A 柱特別容易產生問題。主要是因為 A 柱漸漸被設計得較厚以容納安全氣囊並防止汽車在翻覆時瓦解,這都使得盲區的問題在這些年來更加嚴重。
  為了因應這個問題,十四歲的美國學生阿萊娜.蓋斯勒已想出一個絕佳的解決辦法。蓋斯勒的系統使用了網路攝影機、投影機及能逆向反射的布料,讓車子的 A 柱看起來是隱形的。藉由將架設在外頭的網路攝影機捕捉到的影像投射到副駕駛座這側的 A 柱上,駕駛人可以看到本來在他們的視線裡會被擋住的車輛、行人以及其他物體。雖然類似的科技之前也被如現代、豐田及捷豹等公司研究過,但蓋斯勒的點子更加單純,並有可能以更低的價格製作。
  蓋斯勒的發明相當巧妙,讓她得以在 2019 年秋天贏得了一場科學及工程競賽的第一名及兩萬五千美元的獎金。儘管可能要過很多年後蓋斯勒的發明才能接觸到大眾,但在 YouTube 上快速搜尋一下可以讓你一窺汽車安全的未來。
1. C 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. A

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