✶注意! 手機可能正在聽你說話 Are Phones Listening to What We Say?

Are Phones Listening to What We Say?
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注意! 手機可能正在聽你說話 Are Phones Listening to What We Say?
>> 花蓮外海發生強烈7.2級地震 Strong 7.2 earthquake strikes off Hualien
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  If you own a smartphone, there is a good chance that it listens to you. It also collects the data that you talk about and spits it out in advertising. In recent years, modern phones have transformed into virtual assistants, starting with Siri in 2011, and closely followed by Google Assistant and Alexa. These virtual assistants can carry out tasks by simply listening to anyone’s voice commands. If you want to hear a song, you just need to activate Siri by saying “Hey” and “Siri” and then request, “Play some music.” Likewise, if you want to order pizza, it’s as simple as calling her name first, and then saying, “Call Ivy Pizza House.”

>> 5種塞車的英文說法一次搞懂。交通堵塞千萬別說 traffic was very crowded.

    The scary and weird part of this technology is when people discuss specific items, those very items later appear in many advertisements. For example, a man and a woman were recently discussing “harem pants” without doing a Google search or directly asking Google Assistant. Instead, they were merely having a conversation near their phones. However, the next time they went online, they noticed that ads for harem pants started appearing in their social media feeds. Much like cookies that track all our online activities, smartphones are always listening to collect data and share it with companies that want to market their products.
    No matter how strange or wrong this may seem, it is
legal. When anyone signs up for websites or new products, they always have to agree to certain terms and conditions that they seldom take the time to read. In the fine print, by clicking “agree,” people give consent for their phones to listen to them. While this can be changed in the phone’s settings, doing so might make listening to music or ordering a pizza a bit more complicated.

1. According to the passage, what steps should you take to have Siri set an alarm clock at 9:30 p.m. for you?

a. Type “Set an alarm at 9:30 p.m.” in the search bar.
b. Say “Set an alarm at 9:30 p.m.”
c. Turn on the clock app on your phone.
d. Wake it up by saying, “Hey” and “Siri.”

(A) b → c (B) d → b (C) c → a (D) d → a

2. How did the man and the woman mentioned in the passage come across advertising for harem pants?
(A) They wrote posts about harem pants on their social media accounts.
(B) They searched for harem pants on Google.
(C) They ordered some harem pants online.
(D) They simply talked about harem pants.
3. Why is it NOT against the law for smartphones to listen to users and collect data, according to the passage?
(A) Users have to press “agree” to use their phones to make calls.
(B) Users have accepted some terms that allow them to do so.
(C) Users get paid by letting them listen to everything they say.
(D) Users can ask them to delete their data.
4. What is implied in the passage if a person changes smartphone settings to prevent data collection?
(A) They won’t get to enjoy quick access to other services.
(B) They won’t be able to brows any online advertisements.
(C) Their personal information might be stolen more easily.
(D) Their internet browsing speed will be slower.



答案: 1 B 2 D 3 B 4 A


Words in Use
n. 市場
vt. 行銷
n. (甜)餅乾〔美〕
vi. 以……為食
n. 飼料(不可數)
vt. 餵食
vt. 命令 & n. 命令;(語言等)掌握,精通
vt. (經歷或環境)影響,使習慣於
n. 狀況;條件
adj. 與法律相關的;合法的
a. 特定的;特有的(與介詞 to 並用);明確的
n. 環境;背景
vi. & n. 同意(作名詞時不可數)
adv. 同樣地,相似地,也
vt. 瀏覽 (網頁)
vi. & vt. & n. 隨便看看
n. 廣告
n. 廣告(可數,常縮寫成 ad [ Ad ])
adv. 僅僅
the fine print
(正式合約中用較小的字體印刷、可 能對簽署者不利且易被忽略的)附屬細則
vt. 啟動,啟用
Practical Phrases
sign up for...

I’m going to sign up for a course on English literature this semester.

I’m planning to sign up for that course this semester.

carry out... / carry... out

To carry out the plan, we need at least another $50,000.

為了要執行這個計畫,我們至少需要再追加 5 萬美元。

agree to + N

My parents didn’t agree to our plan.

harem pants
 哈倫褲(是一種來自保守的穆斯林婦 女的服裝,這種褲子的名稱來源於伊斯蘭辭彙「哈倫」)
spit... out / spit out...

The software analyzes user preferences and spits out personalized recommendations for online shopping.

a virtual assistant

You can take a virtual tour of the museum on its website.

there is a good chance + (that) 子句 很有可能⋯⋯
= (the) chances are + (that) 子句
There is a good chance I’ll have this project finished by tomorrow.


a. (the) odds are + (that) 子句 
The odds are that Al will mess his life up again.

b. it is likely + (that) 子句
It is likely that the company will be bought out by its biggest rival.

c. it is possible + (that) 子句
It is possible that I’ll have time to get groceries on my way home from work.

d. it is probable + (that) 子句 
It is probable that all the stores will be closed today because of the typhoon.


No matter how strange or wrong this may seem, it is legal.
介紹「no matter + 疑問詞」的用法
表「不管/不論⋯⋯」的副詞連接詞,可用「no matter + 疑問詞」來表示,常見的有下列:
no matter how = however  不管/不論如何
no matter how 所引導的副詞子句可修飾動詞、形容詞或副詞,且當其修飾形容詞或副詞時,須將該形容詞或副詞往前移位,置於 how 之後,使 how 直接修飾該形容詞或副詞。(本文即為此用法)
No matter how angry you get, you can never treat your friends like that.
No matter how hard you beg, Dad won’t give you any more money.
no matter where = wherever  不管/不論何處
No matter where you go, be sure to keep in contact with me.
no matter when = whenever  不管/不論何時
No matter when you see Peter, he is busy working.
no matter what = whatever  不管/不論什麼
No matter what happens, I’ll support you.
no matter who = whoever  不管/不論誰
No matter who comes into the store, you must be polite to them.

The party starts at 18:30, but guests can have dinner no matter _____ they arrive.
(A) where (B) how (C) when (D) what




    如果你有一支智慧型手機,那麼它很有可能會聽你說話。它也會蒐集你談到的資料,並且以廣告的方式再產出那些資料。近年來,現代的手機已轉變為虛擬助理,一切都從 2011 年的 Siri 開始,緊接著是 Google 助理和 Alexa(編按:Siri、Google Assistant 及 Alexa 分別為 Apple、Google 和亞馬遜所開發 的虛擬助理)。這些虛擬助理僅須透過聽從任何人的語音指令,就能執行任務。如果你想要播一首歌,你只需要說:「嘿」跟「Siri」來啟動 Siri,接著要求它:「播一些音樂。」同樣地,如果你想要訂披薩,很簡單,你只要先叫她的名字,然後說:「打電話給 Ivy 披薩屋。」

  這種科技可怕又古怪的部分是,當人們討論特定物品時,那些物品之後就會出現在許多廣告中。舉例來說,有一名男子和一名女子最近在討論「哈倫褲」,他們沒有上 Google 搜尋,或直接詢問 Google 助理。相反地,他們僅僅是在他們手機附近談話
而已。然而,當他們下一次上網時,他們注意到哈倫褲的廣告開始出現在他們社群媒體的動態裡。就很像追蹤我們所有網路活動的 cookie,智慧型手機也總是在聆聽以蒐集資料,並將其分享給想要推銷自家產品的公司。



1. 根據本文,你應該要採取什麼步驟,來讓 Siri 替你設定一個晚上九點半的鬧鐘呢?
a. 在搜尋欄打上「設一個晚上九點半的鬧鐘」。 b. 說「設一個晚上九點半的鬧鐘」。
c. 打開你手機上的時鐘應用程式。 d. 說「嘿」和「Siri」來喚醒 Siri。

(A) b → c (B) d → b (C) c → a (D) d → a
題解: 第一段提到,如果你想要播一首歌,你只需要說:「嘿,Siri」來啟動 Siri,接著再說出要它播放歌曲的指令,可知若要設定鬧鐘,應先執行 d,喚醒 Siri 後再執行 b,故答案選 (B)。

2. 文中提到的男女是如何看到哈倫褲的廣告的?
(A) 他們在自己的社群媒體帳號上寫了哈倫褲的貼文。 (B) 他們在 Google 上搜尋哈倫褲。
(C) 他們在網路上訂了一些哈倫褲。 (D) 他們就只是談論到哈倫褲而已。
3. 根據本文,為什麼智慧型手機聽使用者說話並蒐集資料是沒有違法的?
(A) 使用者必須按下「同意」才能用手機打電話。 (B) 使用者曾接受讓它們這麼做的一些條款。
(C) 使用者透過讓它們聽自己說的一切來收錢。 (D) 使用者能要求它們刪除資料。
4. 本文中暗示了若一個人改變智慧型手機的設定以避免資料蒐集的話,會發生什麼事?
(A) 他們就無法享受快速執行其他的服務。 (B) 他們就無法瀏覽任何線上廣告。
(C) 他們的個資可能更容易被竊取。 (D) 他們的網路瀏覽速度會變得比較慢。


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