✶ 流行龐克女神艾薇兒回歸(下) Return of the Pop-Punk Queen

Return of the Pop-Punk Queen
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流行龐克女神艾薇兒回歸 Return of the Pop-Punk Queen
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        2007 was a big year for Avril Lavigne. She released her third album, The Best Damn Thing, which took her career to the next level. The first single “Girlfriend” was a global hit, and its music video was also the first video to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Between 2002 and 2013, she put out five very successful studio albums and toured worldwide.

        In 2014, Lavigne was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by a tick bite. During the worst stages of the illness, Lavigne was too weak to even get out of bed. The disease kept her out of the spotlight for almost four years. Her experience inspired her to raise awareness of Lyme disease via The Avril Lavigne Foundation.

10 Lavigne returned in 2019 with her sixth album, Head Above Water. The singer described the album as an “emotional journey” following her recovery. Through this journey, she found herself falling in love with music all over again.

        Fans across the world were delighted to see Lavigne return to full power with the release of her seventh album, Love Sux. With this album, she’d like people to know their  self-worth and put themselves first. After 20 years in the music industry, Avril Lavigne is still at the top of her game.




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1.Based on the Day 1 article, which of the following is NOT true about Avril Lavigne’s debut album?

(A) It has had a huge influence on 21st-century pop music.

(B)  Avril Lavigne became famous after putting out this album.

(C)  Teenagers worldwide copied Lavigne’s look during this period.

(D)  All of the songs on the album made it to the top of the charts globally.


2.  According to the Day 1 and Day 2 articles, please put the following Avril Lavigne’s albums in the correct time order.
A. The Best Damn Thing, an album taking Lavigne’s career to the next level.

B. Head Above Water, an album about her journey of battling Lyme disease

C.Love Sux, an album telling people about their self-worth.

D.Let Go, an album balancing fun, upbeat, and emotional songs.
_____ → _____ → _____ → _____


3.  Based on the information in the Day 2 article, what is Lyme disease? Write down the sentence below.

Lyme disease is____________________________________________________________.



1. D 2. DABC 3. a bacterial infection caused by a tick bite


        2007 年對於艾薇兒來說是重要的一年。她發行了她第三張專輯 《美麗壞東西》,並帶領她的職涯更上一層樓。首支單曲《女朋友》風 靡全球,其音樂錄影帶也是首支在 YouTube 上達到一億觀看次數的 影片。在 2002 年到 2013 年間,她發行了五張非常成功的錄音室專輯,並在全球巡迴演出。

        在 2014 年,艾薇兒被診斷患有萊姆病,一種由蜱叮咬引起的細 菌感染。在患病最嚴重的時期,她甚至虛弱到無法下床。此疾病使她 淡出聚光燈將近四年。她的經歷激勵了她透過艾薇兒基金會提高大眾 對於萊姆病的認識。

        2019 年,艾薇兒帶著她的第六張專輯《浴火重生》回歸。她將 這張專輯描述為她康復後的一趟「情感之旅」。透過這段旅程,她發現 自己重新愛上了音樂。

        世界各地的粉絲都開心地看到艾薇兒帶著第七張專輯《愛是個爛 東西》強勢回歸。透過這張專輯,她希望人們了解自己的自我價值並 將自己擺在首位。在音樂界打滾了二十年的艾薇兒至今仍處於巔峰。


Words in Use
n. 感染
n. 地基;基礎;建立,創建;基金會;粉底液
a. 感到高興的
n. 疾病
n. 滴答聲;勾〔英〕(= check〔美〕)
vi. 發出滴答聲
vt. .受到注目,使突出醒目
n. . 聚光燈
n. 自我價值
Practical Phrases
take... to the next level

This course will help you take your speaking skills to the next level.

put out... / put... out
 撲滅⋯⋯ 發行/出版/製作⋯⋯

Smoking is not allowed here, so please put your cigarette out.

Taylor put out two albums in a year, which surprised a lot of fans.


be diagnosed with

Charles was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

raise awareness of / about...

The government is trying to raise public awareness about environmental protection.

all over again

Harry had to do his assignment all over again.


be at the top of one’s game

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